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    Do These 5 Things On Your Next Trip Instead of Getting In-Flight WiFi


      More airlines are offering WiFi on flights these days. I’m not a fan. Our phones have an “airplane mode” for a reason: do not disturb! Why then, do we willingly submit to being disturbed during the one time we truly have to ourselves?
      After hundreds of flights, I’m still awed by airplanes and airports. Flying should be fun. A time to do the things that you never get to do in an always-connected world. This includes not working. Knowing that you’ll be scrambling to get a PowerPoint deck just right, review meeting notes or complete a spreadsheet puts a huge damper on an experience that should be pleasurable and, after the TSA pat-down, relaxing.
      Here are seven thing you can do on your next trip instead of purchasing in-flight WiFi to work, handle email or incessantly check Facebook and Twitter.
      1. Meditate – Meditation lowers blood pressure, helps you concentrate and increases attention span. Check out How To Instantly De-Stress With Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and download the Mindfulness Meditation app before your flight. You might want to let the person in the seat next to you know what you’re about to do so that they don’t nervously ring for the cabin crew.
      2. Read – Preferably a book, but you can also catch up on articles and posts saved to Pocket or Instapaper. I say a book, preferably, because in our increasingly ADD world, getting through a chapter without checking Facebook or email or … is difficult.
      3. Exercise – Yes, exercise. You don’t need a gym or track to get in meaningful exercise. Sitting in a chair will do just fine. Check out these tips: 5 Exercises To Do While Sitting At Your Desk. And, there’s always Airplane Yoga.
      4. Watch a movie – In-flight entertainment is a great way to catch up on movies you haven’t seen or want to see again. I have a subscription to Netflix, but unless I’m catching up on Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, I don’t set aside the time to watch movies on my “watch” list. Nothing makes the time fly by like watching a good movie or two.
      5. Take a nap – No kids, no phones, no email, no cacophony of notification beeps. Why not take the nap you always long for? Napping boosts alertness, improves learning, memory and creativity and boosts productivity. And you don’t have to wait until National Napping Day to take one.
      The next time you travel, skip the in-flight WiFi and email and work and Facebook and Twitter. Instead, relax, rejuvenate and make it a fun experience.
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