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    5 Ways Integrations Streamline Case Management

    5 Ways Integrations Streamline Case Management

      If you’re creative enough, you could compare case management to race. (Hear us out.)  

      When you’re focused on the road, the “wheels” of your internal workflows roll in harmony to move each case forward toward the finish line. But what if too many distractions pop out in front of you? Things can easily roll off course!  

      We all like to believe that we’re well organized—and you probably are! Still, getting sidetracked by miscommunications, incorrect data entry, and other issues is inevitable when you’re clicking through multiple tabs to manage one case.  

      The more of these distractions you can eliminate from your case management process, the more likely your legal matters are to stay on course.  

      Integrated features for more organized case management 

      Integrations can eliminate the closed information loops and redundancies that cause case management slow-downs, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process.  

      Some of our favorite integration benefits include:  

      1. Fewer data entry errors 

      How many times have you typed the same name, address, or court date this week? Five times? Fifteen? Fifty!? 

      Any answer other than “once” is too many! When your solutions talk to each other, there’s no need to manually input case-related data.  

      All client information is kept up-to-date, and only needs to be entered into your system once to show up anywhere else you might need it. Less data entry equates to fewer data entry errors and less outdated information that could confuse your case files.  

      You'll also experience fewer mysteries where you have to figure out if the phone numbers, documents, and other information in your system are truly correct. (Finally, you can turn in that detective’s badge!)  

      2. Maximizing your time

      With automation, you can accomplish more in less time. Although most laws allow you to automate specific tasks, the real magic happens when you can create entire automated workflows that span multiple platforms 

      Picture this:  

      A new client fills out the online intake form on your website. From there, Rocket Matter automatically runs a conflict check. If a conflict is identified, Rocket Matter automatically assigns the client to a different attorney in your firm or sends an automated message explaining that there is a conflict of interest.  

      If there’s no conflict, the client’s basic information is automatically uploaded into Rocket Matter, which creates a new record for both the matter and the client. Your CRM begins to send them automated messages that you’ve tagged for the relevant practice area.  

      Based on the information collected on the intake form, Rocket Matter schedules anticipated appointments and deadlines in your calendar. The system also generates a list of tasks for you to complete, and you’ll receive notifications that keep you on schedule.   

      Rocket Matter's document management system automatically puts together all the paperwork you'll need, from fee agreements to pleadings. 

      The time you track working on the case is automatically turned into an invoice for the client, which includes a convenient link for the client to pay online.  

      Pretty smooth, right? And this is only one example of the ways that Rocket Matter can lighten the load. Our software integrates with Outlook, Office 365, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and other popular tools, so you can incorporate them into your custom workflows as appropriate for your law firm’s needs.  

      3. Leverage your data better

      Most legal software provides tools for reporting. But when your financial information, contact information, invoicing data, and more are filed away separately, the functionality of these tools is limited.  

      Integrations improve the accuracy of reporting and analytics by ensuring that all relevant data is captured and analyzed. In turn, this helps you make more informed decisions about your legal practice because they provide a more complete overview of your operations—without the need to jump between systems.

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      4. More effective communication 

      Scattered information makes it a challenge to share the details of a case with colleagues. This can lead to miscommunications between team members and make collaboration a chore.  

      Integrations consolidate information from multiple sources, like client portals, document management systems, and client relationship management (CRM) systems. There’s no need to worry because everyone is seeing the same information. Rocket Matter’s innovative matter stream keeps client and case details clear, so you can get straight to making progress on legal matters rather than comparing notes.  

      5. Built-in security safeguards 

      Privacy and security are rising problems for law firms. A survey conducted by the American Bar Association found that in 2022, 27% of respondents had experienced some kind of security breach (e.g. lost/stolen computer or smartphone, hacker, break-in, website exploit).   

      It’s no wonder that many lawyers worry about cybersecurity in general—or more specifically, that linking systems together could put their clients' sensitive information at extra risk.  

      Rest assured. Integrated legal software improves privacy and security through encryption, access controls, and secure data storage.  

      With Rocket Matter, you can feel confident that all of your client's information is protected by industry-leading privacy and security measures. Plus, user-based permissions ensure that sensitive client information, like social security and banking numbers, is accessible on a need-to-know basis.  

      Tools that transform case management  

      Are you ready to spend less time looking for things and more time serving your clients? You need tools that work in tandem with each other.  

      Optimize your case management processes with integrated features like: 

      Rocket Matter has all the tools you need to access important information and stay on top of your cases from anywhere, using almost any device with an internet connection. You never have to worry whether your data will sync between systems properly because our software integrates with all of the most popular legal tools:   

      • Office 365 Outlook  
      • Office 365 
      • QuickBooks 
      • LawToolBox 
      • Dropbox  
      • Google Calendar  
      • Evernote  
      • Tracers  
      • Box 
      • Ruby  
      • Lawmakers 
      • Chrometa  
      • Uptime Jurispage 

      To make matters even easier, Rocket Matter’s matter stream feature allows you to view real-time case events, post messages for collaboration with others, and access new tasks, events, notes, matter documents, and billable entries—all in one place.  

      Keep your cases organized and your team connected. Sign up for your free demo of Rocket Matter today.


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