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    4 iPad Accessories to Help You Do Even More


      Ipads and iPad minis are being used for more than just consuming information; we’re using them to create content and to do our work.
      The next time you’re at a conference, observe audience members taking notes and live-tweeting the event: Instead of laptops or moleskin notebooks, most are probably tapping away on an iPad.
      We’re now using iPads exclusively to blog, tweet, read, watch videos, create and give presentations, and so much more.
      But as useful as the iPads are, adding a few core accessories can make for an even more efficient and productive experience. Here are four categories of iPad accessories that you should consider:
      1. Cases and Covers – These come in ‘smart’ versions that automatically wake up and sleep-mode your ipad upon opening and closing the cover and become handy stands for reading or watching videos. Prices start at around $40.

      2. Wireless Keyboard – For faster and more accurate typing, get a bluetooth-enabled keyboard, especially if you’re using the iPad as a laptop replacement. There’s even a folding version. Prices start at $70 and can go higher quickly. Or you can go for a keyboard/case combo.
      Check out a Lawyerist writeup on The Best iPad Cases and Keyboards for Attorneys.
      3. Stylus and Screen Protectors – Use a pen-sized stylus to easily type, draw, tap, and scroll without scratching the screen . Prices range from $15-$50. You can also opt for a clear, scratch-resistant screen protector for around $30.
      See Iphone J.D.’s review of Jot Pro and Wacom Bamboo Stylus.
      4. Adaptor – Using your iPad to present at a conference? Or, have pictures and movies you want to show on a TV? Get the Lightning to VGA Adapter or Digital A/V Adapter. Prices range from $40-$50.
      IPhone J.D. did another great piece on Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter — run presentations from your iPad or iPhone.
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