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    iPad App: Picture It Settled – Negotiation App for Lawyers


      Settlement negotiations are never fun. The back and forth and countless rounds of negotiations can cause the process to be drawn-out and downright exhausting.

      To make negotiations a little easier, Don Philbin and a team of attorneys and statisticians created Picture It Settled. According to the apps website, “the intelligent software has learned negotiation strategy from deep data from negotiation patterns in several thousand litigated cases, ranging from fender benders to intellectual property disputes in locations from tiny counties, large cities and everything in between.”

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      The home screen of the app gives users two options. At the start of the negotiation process, offers for new cases can be tracked by selecting your role as the plaintiff or defendant, entering the case name and tapping ‘Add Offer’ to notate offers that you have either made or received.

      From that same home screen, users are also able to make edits and view the history of previously entered cases by clicking the ‘Case List’ icon.

      The ‘Make/Receive Offer’ screen allows users to enter offers with the corresponding date and time. Once saved, the app will ask whether you want to enter a counteroffer. By choosing ‘Yes’, you can enter your offer or that of the opposing counsel.

      After more than two offers are made by both parties, the graph feature of the app is enabled to show a history of all offers, including a prediction of what future offers will be.

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      Picture it Settled is also compatible with the iPhone and is surprisingly free in the App Store. And don’t worry Android users, the app is also available in Google play.

      If you’re tired of tracking negotiations using Excel and looking to eliminate the settlement guessing game, Picture It Settled is worth the try.

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