Jeffrey Lewis on Rocket Matter's iPad Edition in the ABA's Law Technology Today

by rocketmatter-admin October 15, 2014

Rocket Matter Legal iPad Edition
Last month, Rocket Matter released its first native iPad app and it is a dramatic improvement over the prior iPad experience. In some instances, the iPad experience is now better than the desktop experience.

If you like Rocket Matter you are going to love the freedom that this iPad app gives you.

One of Rocket Matter’s best features is conflict checking. You can type in a partial or full name of any person or company and Rocket Matter will quickly reveal any prior cases involving the contact. On the desktop, this process is lightning fast. The iPad matches the speed of the desktop. You type in the name and instantly all related matches are pulled up. All contacts, legal matters and billing references that include the typed term instantly appear on your iPad in realtime.
Jeff (Broedlow Lewis) also examines time tracking, task management, and more. Read the full review in the ABA’s Law Technology Today: Where Rocket Matter’s Native iPad App Shines.

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