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    Law Firm Digital Advertising 101: Size Does Matter


      law-firm-advertisingDigital advertising, if done correctly, can be an effective means of generating site traffic and leads for your law practice. Perhaps your firm has decided to reduce print advertising and give digital advertising a try. Or, maybe you’ve been grinding away at it for some time with limited results and questionable spend. Have you examined the effectiveness of your ads based on size? Yes, size matters when it comes to placing your digital ads.

      Digital ads come in many different shapes and sizes. According to Google, the four most successful digital ad sizes are 728×90 (long horizontal rectangle), 300×250 (medium square), 336×280 (large square) and 160×600 (a vertical ad known as a “skyscraper” ad). Size matters here for two very important reasons.

      First, for longer copy, wider sizes tend to outperform taller ads. All things being equal, readers are best able to absorb advertising copy in small but complete chunks. The increased width allows them to better read a complete thought or copy point without running into margins in the ad. Shorter or bulleted copy points may work best in square or vertical ads. If your ad has a lengthly message in it, consider an ad format that will allow you to get your point across horizontally, as in the sample below:

      Second, size dictates placement, and the right placement can mean the difference between success or failure. Before placing a digital ad, you should investigate where that ad size will show up on the site. All sites that permit digital advertising have ad slots with defined sizes located at various positions. Some sites have only one slot available, while others offer multiple locations for your ads. Once you familiarize yourself with the sizes, you’ll quickly be able to see which sizes are served up in desirable locations on that site and which ones are questionable.

      Aim for appearing in ad slots that are “above the fold”. These slots are clearly in view once the page loads, without requiring the reader to scroll down any further. “Above the fold” ad position can have a big impact on click-through rates. Headline banner positions and skyscraper ads displayed prominently on the sides of pages are great locations to select.

      Finally, success with digital advertising requires analytics and measurement. Always take careful note of your ad sizes and positions, as well as their corresponding performance over time. Reward the performers and pause the non-performers. From a budgeting perspective, use the bulk of your spend on ads that are in premier positions and that are performing well.

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