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    5 Key Benefits of a Good Law Firm Email Marketing Strategy


      Millions of businesses worldwide use email marketing to help grow their business, nurture their clients, and target their messages. If your law firm is new to the world of digital marketing, then it’s possible you are unaware of the power and benefits of having a focused email marketing strategy. Here are some of the most important benefits:
      1. Personalized messaging. Much more so than general digital or print advertising, blogging, or even social media campaigns, email marketing provides you with the ability to tailor your message to a very specific audience. You can narrowly segment your message by audience lists and send our multiple iterations of content based on who you’re sending to.
      2. Spreading your information. Email marketing can help build a solid stream of secondary or passive referrals. If your content is judged to be relevant and your brand valuable, the person that just opened your message is often compelled to share with others. Leveraging this powerful principle is part of what makes social media so powerful as well. Design your messaging with the pre-conceived notion that it may very well be shared.
      3. Quick results. Digital and traditional marketing campaigns can often take weeks, months or even years to derive and measure meaningful ROI. In the case of email marketing, results can start within minutes. Do you want to get someone to download a piece of your content or sign up for a consultation today? Chances are email marketing might just be the fastest way to garner those results, as people often open their emails in real time.
      4. Timing and frequency of your message. Because you are in complete control of when and how often you send out your message, email marketing enables you to leverage one or both. You can control not only the date and time, but optimize it based upon industry standards and best practices. In addition, you control how many times the potential exposure takes place. Emphasizing an important new offering? You may want to temporarily increase the frequency of your messaging to get the point across.
      5. Measurability & tracking. Email marketing is king when it comes to measurability. It’s difficult to determine exactly who watched your ad on TV, listened to you on the radio, or identify who saw your print ad in that latest magazine issue. Email marketing can provide instant feedback on who opened your message, what actions they took inside after viewing, and track their progression to becoming a client.
      In many ways, email marketing is the ideal platform to broadcast your message in a targeted, cost effective, measurable format. In addition to immediate views and actions, email marketing helps build and maintain brand awareness in a busy world full of distractions. The key is to make your messaging consistent and to keep up with a continuously running campaign that touches base with your list(s) at least once or twice per month.
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