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by rocketmatter-admin January 7, 2016

When I left law firm life and started a CLE consultancy, I discovered what marketing was all about. As a business of one I had to learn to survive and thrive. I read as many books and blogs as I could, listened to podcasts, and asked tons of questions. The good thing: In a digital world, the information and tools were accessible at my fingertips. The not so good thing: Everyone, it seems, was an expert, and I needed to filter my information sources.

Three years later I dove into the exciting world of legal tech and joined the marketing team at Rocket Matter. It was humbling to discover how much more there was to learn. I continued to read and read and read. Below are some of the top law firm marketing blogs I still read and which you should subscribe to if you want to take your firm’s marketing efforts to the next level.

Real Lawyers Have Blogs – A blogging pioneer and fierce advocate for using blogs and the social channels to build relationships, Kevin O’Keefe’s blog, Twitter feed and speaking engagements offers tips, insights, and conversations on blogging and social media and much more.

Blog (legal marketing feed) | Twitter

AttorneySync – Gyi Tsakalakis’ knowledge of the digital space is deep and he generously shares valuable tips and insights on the company’s blog, Twitter feed and speaking engagements.

Blog | Twitter

– I discovered Guy Alvarez at a law firm marketing conference a couple of years ago. He was presenting, as he often does, and shared the kind of insight and actionable information that comes from many years of helping large law firms with their marketing efforts.

Blog | Twitter

Lawyerist – Sam Glover has built this blog into a legal information juggernaut. Their marketing feed offers practical tips and insights from highly respected marketing experts in the legal space.

Blog (legal marketing feed) | Twitter

ONE400 – I met Eva Hibnick when she was heading up the marketing efforts at a startup and tech incubator in New York City and she brought that experience and sensibility to the agency (or innovation lab, as it’s called) that she and Allen Rodriguez, former Director of Attorney Services at LegalZoom, built.

Blog | Twitter

Divorce Discourse – No, this is not a blog about divorce, it’s written by Lee Rosen, a divorce lawyer. It’s as straightforward, easy-to-read, and actionable a blog as you’ll find. Mr. Rosen shares his experience marketing and running his firm.

Blog | Twitter

Great Jakes – A great resource for information on law firm websites. They don’t, blissfully, put out a ton of stuff but when they do, it’s useful.

Blog | Twitter

Myrland Marketing – Nancy Myrland brings infectious energy and passion to her work and to spreading the gospel of how lawyers can use social media to grow their business and strengthen relationships.

Blog | Twitter

Finally, we also have a marketing channel here on the Legal productivity blog where we share lessons learned from many years of marketing in the legal space.

There are, of course, many more legal marketing blogs. If you follow one that offers useful information for law firm marketing not listed here, please add in the comments below.

Since publication of this post I’ve received recommendations for other legal marketing blogs:

Jaffe – Legal industry marketing and public relations. Blog | Twitter

Attorney at Work – Law practice tips delivered daily. Check out their Marketing, Social Media, and Business Development categories. Twitter

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