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    Top Law Firm Marketing Tools


      Law firm marketing efforts include blogging, social media, website management, email campaigns, landing pages, and more. It can seem burdensome and overwhelming. But there are tools to help ease the burden. Here are some of the top tools for law firms of all sizes to help test, optimize, automate, and measure marketing efforts and performance.

      Buffer App

      Challenge: I don’t have the time to log in to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels at regular intervals during the day to consistently post useful links for my followers.

      Solution: Set up a daily posting schedule. Then, whenever you come across a link you’d like to share, save it to Buffer and it will send out an update to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ at the pre-defined intervals.

      Firm size: Solo, Small

      Cost: Low


      Challenge: I have more than one person handling social media and need one platform the team can use to coordinate strategy and execution.

      Solution: Trusted by 29 of the top 50 AmLaw firms for their social media initiatives, Hootsuite provides a platform for your team of any size to handle unlimited social profiles and provides advanced analytics and scheduling.

      Firm size: Small, Medium, Large

      Cost: Low


      Challenge: We’ve built awesome blogs, websites, landing pages, and other useful content but don’t know which is more effective and how to improve on those that aren’t.

      Solution: The standard for marketing automation for firms of any size, Marketo lets you easily create, automate, and track engaging campaigns and marketing workflows across all your marketing channels. It’s a complicated system to learn and implement but worth the effort.

      Firm size: Medium, Large

      Cost: High


      Challenge: We’ve gotten over our aversion to the the term “sales” and established a team, call center, and workflows, but it’s becoming very complex and we need a way to manage and track our efforts.

      Solution: Dynamic CRM to gather more leads and increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction. Great resource: eLawMarketing on Salesforce for Law Firms.

      Firm size: Large

      Cost: High


      Challenge: I want to swap the one-page static website that an intern put together for us eons ago for a site that’s dynamic and easy to update. Oh, and affordable.

      Solution: It doesn’t get any more dynamic, malleable, and affordable than WordPress. You can build a multi-page website or blog, or both on the same site. Easy to set up and easy to update. Check out our WordPress Tips.

      Firm size: Solo, Small, Medium, Large

      Cost: Low

      Google Analytics

      Challenge: We’d like to get some insight into who’s viewing our blog posts and web pages and which are getting the most traffic so we can improve our messaging to fit our clients and potential clients’ needs.

      Solution: Hook up your blogs and websites, free of charge, to Google Analytics to see how your content is doing and who’s reading it. A premium version offers additional insight. See: Essential Website Metrics You Should Be Tracking.

      Firm size: Solo, Small, Medium, Large

      Cost: Low


      Challenge: We keep hearing about the power and benefits of having an email marketing strategy but don’t think our Outlook email can handle it.

      Solution: Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are used for personal and work email, not for sending email marketing campaigns. There are many good choices out there in addition to MailChimp, including Constant Contact (See: How One Law Firm Uses Constant Contact to Build Client Relationships), MadMimi, and iContact. Do some research to see which best fits your needs. Check out our email marketing tips.

      Firm size: Solo, Small, Medium, Large

      Cost: Low to medium

      Lucky Orange

      Challenge: Our website is not effective at converting visitors to leads. How do I know what’s working on each page and how to improve?

      Solution: Watch recordings and heatmaps of visitors to your website and see how they moved across the pages and why they did not convert.

      Firm size: Solo, Small, Medium, Large


      Challenge: We’ve bookmarked favorite sites that consistently produce useful information to digest and share but need a better way to monitor those sites. See: Going with Feedly.

      Solution: RSS feed aggregators such as Feedly bring the contents of your favorite sites to you. Set up a free account and add your the URLs of your favorite blogs and websites and never miss another piece of content.

      Firm size: Solo, Small, Medium, Large

      Cost: Low


      Challenge: We’re new to the whole “marketing funnel” concept and committed to creating useful content but need a way to coordinate and track our efforts.

      Solution: Bring together your content marketing efforts, including email campaigns, in one dashboard. See: Inbound Marketing for Law Firms.

      Firm size: Medium, Large

      Cost: Medium to high

      ClearView Social

      Challenge: We’re expanding our social media outreach to involve the entire firm but it’s been difficult getting our lawyers to post updates.

      Solution: The firm’s marketing team sends an email to attorneys and other members of the firm at regular intervals with recommended content to share, and with a click it can be shared to all of the firm’s social media channels.

      Firm size: Medium, Large

      Cost: Low to medium depending on firm size


      Challenge: We need to keep up to date with our clients and what’s going on in the legal profession, thought leaders, and the industries we serve. How do we cut through the noise to find the information that’s most valuable to us?

      Solution: This tool searches, analyzes, and classifies the information you requested then personalizes and delivers key client, competitor, industry, and topical trends and developments to your desktop or mobile device. See: Law firms turning to outside services provider to track news, Internet chatter that could affect clients.

      Firm size: Medium, Large

      Cost: No pricing information. You’ll need to request a demo

      Have a favorite marketing tool your firm uses that is not on this list? Please share in the comments below.

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