Lawyers Share Their Favorite Podcasts: Part One

by rocketmatter-admin July 5, 2017
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Lawyers seems to really love podcasts. In fact, one of our most popular blog posts of all time was on the Top Ten Legal Podcasts. So we thought we’d ask a bunch of lawyers what their favorite podcasts are—and we received so many responses that we decided to share the results in several posts.
Here what’s some lawyers had to say:
Slate’s Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick podcast, which is mostly about the Supreme Court, is nerdy in a great way. It has some hardcore legal discussions but also treats the nine justices as human characters in an ongoing drama.” —David L. Scher, an Employment Discrimination attorney in Washington D.C.  
V-Sauce: Brilliant guy discussing interesting things in a brilliant way; teaches me stuff out of my usual subject areas so its always something new.” —Roger Austin, who practices Election Law, Administrative Law, Real Estate, and General Civil Law in Gainesville, FL
“Because I’m a family law attorney dealing with a lot of divorces and child custody issues, human behavior and motivation is really important.  A big part of my job is helping my clients navigate their feelings during the divorce process.  I sometimes joke that half my job is being an overpaid, unlicensed therapist.  So I really enjoy podcasts about human behavior.  Right now my favorite is Invisibilia.  They started out this season with a two part series about emotions, and although it is not a podcast about the law, the episode focused on a controversial legal case about a truck driver who successfully sued a family because he suffered PTSD after a car accident in which the family lost their baby daughter.” —Darlene S. Wanger, a Family Law attorney and mediator in Los Angeles
“There are SO many fantastic podcasts so I have to cheat and give three: This American Life, TED Radio Hour, and Freakonomics Radio. I love all three because they are hosted and produced by wonderful storytellers. I learn so much about a wide variety of topics that I would have never known anything about or even thought that I would have any interest in. (Seriously, have you ever considered the American “obsession” with having beautiful lawns or what motivates people to be altruistic? I had not, but Freakonomics Radio and TED Radio Hour, respectively, did for me). The bonuses are that podcasts are always with you (we already mentioned that we couldn’t live without our cell phones) and they are a nice break from reading.”  —Alissa Castro, who practices Family Law in Dallas, Texas
Fresh Air with Terry Gross through National Public Radio. Terry always has interesting guests, but the real draw is her interviewing technique. She asks the questions that draw out  her guests and make even the dullest topic interesting. The sort of incisive questions she asks are a good model for lawyers for telling the client’s story in court.” —Michael McKneely, a Criminal Defense attorney in Fresno, California
“Although there a number of great podcast related to law and construction, I use podcasts to explore and bring balance in other parts of my life.  Although I am not Greek Orthodox, a favorite podcast is The Morning Offering by The Very Rev. Fr. Tryphon, Abbot of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington.  It’s a brief, poignant reminder of the most important things in life.” —Mark Cobb, a Construction Lien lawyer in Georgia
”The Science of Success by Matt Bodnar. Matt has on authors and scholars who specialize in various fields that, taken as a whole, will help you both do your job and live your life better. The focus is on the science of, for example, why certain negotiating techniques work better than others, the wide-ranging impact of the 80/20 rule, and the role of emotions in decision making.” —Wayne Pollock, who argues client’s cases in the Court of Public Opinion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“I love listening to podcasts. Lately, I have been binge listening to NPR’s How I Built This. It is hosted by Guy Raz. Guy interviews the founders of the most iconic brands we all know and love, from Crate and Barrel to Vice Media and everything in between. In thirty minutes or so he gets founders to share all their ups and downs on the way to success. It is an inspiration and a gem of a podcast.”—Matt Slocum, an Auto Accident attorney in Scranton, Pennsylvania
“My favorite podcast is the digital marketer podcast Perpetual Traffic.  It gives useful tips on digital marketing.  The hosts bring guests in from different industries s guests to discuss what is working for them.  We gather tips to use in our law practice. ” —Justin Lovely, a Criminal Defense & Injury Law attorney in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Serial, hands down is my favorite podcast.  The Adnan Syed case was fascinating, and it was interesting to get a journalist’s perspective on the case.” —Matthew Eason, a Personal Injury lawyer in Sacramento, CA 
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