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    Lawyers Using Quickbooks: Take Another Look at Rocket Matter

    by rocketmatter-admin

      The following is an excerpt from NC Law Blog: Take Another Look at Rocket Matter, by Pegeen Turner.

      At the beginning of this year, Rocket Matter launched one-button integration with QuickBooks, and just let me say, “Wow.” This new version of Rocket Matter solves many of the issues that cloud-based practice management systems have struggled with in terms of time and billing. With a required consultation, Rocket Matter will make sure that the Rocket Matter-QuickBooks connection is setup correctly and works as expected the first time. From there, the time and bills that are easily entered into Rocket Matter can be accounted for correctly in QuickBooks. Accountants of law firms rejoice! The accountants and bookkeepers can continue to enter their debits, credits and write checks in the correct client and matter in QuickBooks. Everyone is happy. Problem solved.

      Thanks, Pegeen and NC Law Blog!
      Lawyers Using Quickbooks: Take Another Look at Rocket Matter
      Our whole reason for being is to make attorneys’ lives easier, so when we examined integrating QuickBooks with Rocket Matter, we wanted to avoid typical cumbersome, complicated setups. We spoke to attorneys for over a year and found out what they needed. Our solution came via Intuit’s relatively new App Center, which allows for a straightforward synching between Rocket Matter and QuickBooks
      Take a look at our new QuickBooks Integration resource page, including a video to see Rocket Matter and QuickBooks in action.

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