QuickBooks Integration for Law Firms with Rocket Matter

Easy QuickBooks Integration for Law Firms

Rocket Matter is excited to offer a simple, new take on QuickBooks integration for our law practice management software.

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The End of Download, Import, and Pray

Rocket Matter QuickBooks for Law Firms Uses the Intuit App CenterOther solutions call importing QuickBooks IIF files an “integration”, but that’s an exercise in user frustration, and is just not Rocket Matter’s style. When we decided to design our QuickBooks Integration, we made sure that our solution was simple and easy-to-use.

As a result, we configured a typical Rocket Matter user-friendly integration with the leading accounting software, making it the effortless system our customers expect.

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Easy as One Click, Two Click

No Download, Import, and Pray when linking QuickBooks and Our Legal Software
At Rocket Matter, we often get asked, “how do you make things so easy?” The answer to that is simple— we believe productivity software should save you time. We kept that in mind and found the perfect timesaving tool for your legal back office.

The new Intuit App Center allows a link within Rocket Matter and QuickBooks for easy and fast syncing. And with one click in Rocket Matter, then another click within QuickBooks, your accounting information is populated in their correct fields—instantly.

How Will QuickBooks Integrate with our Legal Billing Software?

QuickBooks, the popular accounting software, and Rocket Matter will work hand-in-hand to seamlessly transfer the following information:

  • Accrual or Cash Basis Accounting
  • Adjustments
  • Legal Fee Income
  • Trust Accounting

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We Help You Set Up Your QuickBooks Integration

We want the addition of QuickBooks to be a seamless transition. To do so, we put it into our support specialist’s hands; and every firm that chooses to add QuickBooks integration to our legal billing software gets one-on-one attention during the initial setup. This sync works specifically on PC’s and desktop versions of QuickBooks. If your firm fits these parameters, a support specialist will assist with the sync from start to finish.

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Understanding How it Works With Our Legal Billing Software

When you use Rocket Matter you’ll no longer have to export, then re-import cumbersome QuickBooks IIF and QBXML files.

With the help of a Rocket Matter support specialist, we create a unique Intuit App Center login for your firm. Then we connect QuickBooks to Intuit, taking your bookkeeping information into the cloud. Finally, we configure QuickBooks to Rocket Matter with each firm’s settings and preferences in mind. With three easy steps, your accounting data goes into all the right places!

See Your Legal Billing Accounts Updated in QuickBooks with Rocket Matter

As an add-on feature, the cost for Rocket Matter’s QuickBooks Integration is an additional $14.99 per month. Discounts for quarterly, yearly, and biennial terms apply.

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As Always, Typical Rocket Matter Security & Reliability

Rocket Matter always puts the security and reliability of our customers first. All of your Rocket Matter billing data is encrypted when synced with Intuit App Center. And to prevent unauthorized access to your billing data and account information, your Rocket Matter account stays password protected and highly monitored.

At Rocket Matter, we’re excited to launch integral legal billing and accounting updates such as this one. We always welcome customer feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on QuickBooks integration and Rocket Matter.

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