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    Top 10 Legal Blogs on Running a Law Firm


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      A few folks I met recently at a conference had kind things to say about this blog and asked if I could recommend other blogs that cover the business and practice of law; blogs that are useful to both solos and larger law firms. I promised a blog post (naturally) and here it is: an alphabetized compilation of ten legal blogs that I follow and find most useful around this subject. Add them to your RSS reader.

      1. Attorney at Work – Joan Feldman, Mark Feldman, and Merrilyn Astin Tarlton have put together an impressive roster of contributors who share their experiences and advice on creating and running a law practice.

      2. Business of Law Blog – Frank Strong, a communications director with LexisNexis, does an incredible job with this blog churning out relevant, useful stuff regularly on range of topics spanning small law, large law and inside counsel.

      3. Corcoran’s Business of Law Blog – Timothy Corcoran brings two decades of business experience advising law firm leaders, in-house counsel, and legal vendors to his writing and it shows. From project management and process improvement techniques, to alternative fee arrangements and designing financial metrics, and much more, Tim’s passion and experience result in relevant, actionable posts.

      4. Divorce Discourse – Family law attorney Lee Rosen’s blog is not about divorce. It’s about legal marketing, and law firm management, technology and finance. And it’s really good. You’ll find some of the most pragmatic, down-to-earth, experiential advice here for running and growing a law practice.

      Top 10 Legal Writing Blogs
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      5. Law Sites – Bob Ambrogi is not only one of the most likeable guys in the industry, he’s one of the earliest legal bloggers. Since 2002, Bob has used his legal and media background to break stories on the latest websites, products, and trends in the legal profession.

      6. Lawyerist – Sam Glover and Aaron Street have built this resource for solo and small-firm lawyers into one of the top legal blogs. Their decision a couple of years ago to publish fewer, more in-depth pieces, turned an already useful blog into a vibrant community.

      7. Managing Law Firm in Transition – Roger Hayse and Andrew Jillson of Hayse LLC discuss the challenges law firms face today in an industry in the midst of change. Topics include succession planning and law firm health and growth.

      8. My Shingle – Pioneering blawgger, Carolyn Elefant, has been inspiring solo and small firm lawyers and those who want to be since 2002. Created to address the unmet demands and desires of solos and small law firms, this blog offers everything from checklists and forms on starting and running a law firm, to ethics and client service.

      9. SeytLines – Kenneth Grady, a lean law strategist with Seyfarth Shaw, is the driving force behind this blog. Kenneth and other authors discuss law firm leadership, change, efficiency, strategy, and innovation.

      10. Solo Practice University – Founder of SPU, Susan Cartier Liebel, puts out this blog for new and experienced attorneys. It focuses on solo and small firm practitioners, discussing issues faced, offering advice, education, support and inspiration – often brought to you by attorneys who have faced and conquered these issues.

      Of course, we hope you also enjoy our Legal Productivity blog and find it informative, practical, and actionable.

      Bonus: Jordan Furlong’s Law21 belongs on any law firm management blogs list but it’s on hiatus for a few months. Keep an eye out for its return; you won’t be disappointed.

      As I was putting together this post, it occurred to me that all of the blogs mentioned in this list are helmed by passionate, well-known leaders in the legal profession. And that’s no accident. These folks are not just writers and editors, but ambassadors.

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