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    Legal Productivity App Of The Week – Be Awesome on Twitter With Buffer App


      I’ve been a Twitter user for years and have tried most of the popular desktop apps like TweetDeck and HootSuite, but keep coming back to the beautiful simplicity of Twitter’s web interface.

      However, does lack some of the functionality provided by the third party stand-alone applications.

      But here comes Buffer App which allows me to tweet, retweet and schedule tweets right from inside

      The good folks at Buffer claim that they makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule tweets. But they’re being modest. It’s much more than that.

      A few highlights:

      • Download a browser extension and tweet from inside for a more efficient and productive twitter experience.
      • Want to retweet with commentary? Click on the Buffer icon that now resides next to the other options, like reply and favorite, and add your comment or edit the tweet in the pop-up box
      • I subscribe to many RSS feeds from blogs that I enjoy and share choice nuggets from Google Reader on Twitter. But it involves a few steps. With Buffer App, I can now Tweet right from Google Reader with just one click.
      • Have a bunch of great tweets you want to share but don’t want to have an annoying stream of posts? Queue them up in Buffer to be posted at evenly spaced intervals.
      • Not a fan of automation and seeking to tweet only when available to engage? Use Buffer App to store tweets as you come across interesting information to share, then access you Buffer when ready, hover to the right of any tweet and click on “Tweet this now”.
      • Get basic analytics, like how often your tweets were retweeted, how many people click on your links and the “reach” of your tweets.

      Once your Buffer is full (10 posts and one account with free access, and much more with modestly priced accounts), and you’ve chosen a range of time and days to tweet, Buffer does the rest.

      Buffer for Android lets you easily add Tweets to your Buffer on the move with your Android phone. An iPhone App is in the works. [Update: Meanwhile, here’s how to Buffer tweets from your iPhone]

      Co-founders @joelgascoigne and @LeoWid keep improving the app with great design and functionality for intuitive user experience.

      Sounds like a winner!

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