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    McKinsey Study: Software-as-a-Service a Dominant Business Trend


      When we started Rocket Matter, it was very clear to us the advantages that small firms and solo practitioners would enjoy from the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model: zero install, zero upgrade, worry-free backups, expert security, and a host of other advantages we discuss in this post.

      The trend in the business software community is undeniable. 2008 is the year of SaaS. Nicholas Carr blogged about the surging movement towards SaaS under way in business software as described in a study by McKinsey & Company:

      “A new study, to be released today by McKinsey & Company, reveals in some of the clearest terms yet the sea change that is under way in business software. The consulting firm surveyed more than 850 corporate software buyers, from firms of all sizes, and found that software-as-a-service is rapidly “becoming mainstream,” with three-quarters of software buyers saying they are “favorably disposed to adopting SaaS platforms” for software development and deployment.”

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