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    Meet Lizzy, the Rocket Matter Rescue Kitten


      Recently one of our Rocket Matter team members, Brianna, was driving to work when she spotted a frightened little kitten completely alone in the middle of the road. She scooped it up and brought it into work.

      We here at Rocket Matter are HUGE animal lovers. Our pets regularly join us at the office, and we invite our law firms to send pictures of their office pets as well.

      At first, the kitty was scared and a little hostile, as you can see from the video below:

      But she certainly chose the right office: After a few hours of TLC and cuddling from everyone on staff, the cat was soon sleeping in our arms and snuggling…

      Sleeping Rocket Matter Kitten

      We even fed her from a bottle…

      Before lunch she had a home. Lauren, who works in our marketing department, decided to adopt her. She named the kitten Lizzy. Apparently Lauren’s dog, Nala, and Lizzy are already best friends!

      Rocket Matter Kitten with Dog

      Later in the week, Lauren took Lizzy to the vet, checked her out, and is happy to report she’s all healthy.  We at Rocket Matter all adore her, and we’re thrilled she has a safe and loving home.

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