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Law Office Pets Make Life as a Lawyer Awesome!

We know that our four-legged (and two-legged!) companions in the office help to lower stress levels resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction and increased productivity. In a law office, that counts for a lot.


Fischer was an SPCA rescue a year ago, and he likes to weigh in on the work we do as employment and civil rights attorneys for plaintiffs in Utah and California. He’s always ready with a smile and a constant willingness to distract me when things get tense. IN fact, when the going gets rough, he jumps up on my chair and pulls me around for a Fischer hug. Just to give me some perspective. He is featured on the contact page on our website:, as are my law partner’s dogs, Skye and Freckles. Clients ask about them, and we let them know that their billing rates are pretty basic – they work for treats. Preferably peanut butter or banana flavored cookies/biscuits. – Elizabeth Peck, Peck Law

Mr. Duck

Mr. Duck is the companion duck (yes!) of Stephen Shepard, a DUI/criminal attorney and part-time legal tech consultant in Towson, Maryland. He loves wading in his little duck pool and bringing smiles to the faces of all who look upon him.

Maks, Neo, Gigi, Lilu and Blitz

5 rescued miniature Dachshunds named Maks, Neo, Gigi, Lilu and Blitz. I’ve worked from home since 2006, so they are my only office mates. They love to eat, sleep, chase squirrels and remind me to take a break every 2 hours. – David Nance, D.W. Nance LLC


This is “Ripley”, our 3 year-old female German Shepherd. In truth, she’s not a very good “office dog”. When I do relent and bring her to the office, she stays put for (maybe) 10-15 minutes at a time, then demands that I take a break (i.e., that I play with her outside). Try as I might, I can’t find a place for my computer mouse that deters her practice of placing her snout under my elbow, giving it repeated, forceful nudges whenever she feels she is being neglected. She keeps this up for as long as it takes for me to refocus my attention on her priorities (which, typically, is not long).

But, she’s definitely irreplaceable — in, or out of the office. (But, don’t tell her I said that. She thinks she’s the Managing Partner.) – Christopher N. Luhn, Arroyo Copland & Associates, PLLC

Beau Beau McSlapperton

Beau Beau McSlapperton, cocker spaniel. Beau is an asset to the company- his filing skills and customer service is top notch! He sometimes has trouble with sleeping on the job, but his personality makes up for it! He actually suffers from a terminal illness, AIHA, so I love being able to spend all of the time with him that I can! – Heather Crabb, Grimes Law Group


I work from home, so, technically, any of my three dogs could be an office dog. Of the three, my chihuahua, Apple, spends the most time in my office. See her adorable face. – Lisa Solomon, Question of Law

Kryptonite & Atticus

Kryptonite & Atticus (Finch, of course) Stevens. They make great traveling companions as well. Kryptonite is a Havanese and Atticus, a Mini Schnauzer. – Jenny Moser, The Stevens Firm, P.A. Family Law Center


Starbuck is an English Bull Terrier and the ultimate office dog. She plays assistant when she’s not sleeping in or wanting to play. – Cynthia Wood, Cynthia Wood Law


This is our office dog, Daisy. She’s a five year old Boston Terrier, and has been coming to the office with me almost every day since we got her. Although a few people don’t want a dog jumping up to greet them, for the most part, she is a welcome distraction and calming force for clients. At the moment their story becomes emotional, she will snore very loudly and make them laugh, or wait by their chair for petting. I honestly think it’s therapeutic for the clients, although my co-workers don’t always agree! – Elizabeth H. Robinson, E.H. Robinson Law, LLC


Our office building is a rare community. It allows a select group of humans to come to work each day with their Shih Tzus. This is my chocolate Shih Tzu Charlie- he often stops in to supervise our 2nd floor and make sure things are running efficiently (as you can see). Don’t let his cute face fool you, he lays down the law with an iron fist- or paw   – Leilani Brake, Law Office Of Jesse S. White


This is Tess. She is an American Bulldog, and loves the rug under my desk! – JD Duncan, JD Duncan, PC

Snowy and Bear

These are my dogs, Bear and Snowy. Other than barking at visitors while I’m on conference calls, they’re my favorite officemates. Bear is a 6-year-old goldendoodle mix, and Snowy is a 1- or 2-year-old miniature poodle mix, southern California rescue. – Amy Atwood, Senior Attorney, Center for Biological Diversity


The firm has unofficially adopted Jack, a Siberian Husky , as its mascot, even as they try to keep him from eating the pleadings. He’s their most faithful employee. He gets paid in dog treats. – Justin D. Jacobson, Managing Partner, Jacobson, Sobo & Moselle


This is Portia and yes, she is a rock star! – Kathi Finnerty, Finnerty Law Offices Inc

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss was rescued from an abusive/neglected situation from a Divorce case we handled. “Seuss” has a very positive effect on our clients, as we handle mainly Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense. His disposition and kind nature puts out clients right at ease. Now whenever he is not in office the staff and clients all miss him, so he comes into the office as much as possible. – Joseph F. Botelho, Esq., Botelho & Associates, LLC

Patches and Bella

The white dog is Patches, a Lewellyn setter and the brindle is Bella, a cane corso. They sit in the window of my office and sleep! – Kevin Camden, Esq


Gwen is our rescue Wheaton Scottie…she has been our office dog for over 4 years. If Gwen doesn’t like a potential new Client…we usually don’t take them on. Every time we have gone against this policy…we have regretted it!!I have my office just across the driveway from my house, so if a Client doesn’t like dogs, I can easily put her inside for their appointment . I make this note in their file for any future appointments. But the majority of Client’s ask where Gwen is if she is not in the office for subsequent appointments..she is soothing, intuitive and a better judge of character than me! – Victoria Warner, Rowlett Family Law


This is Walter, a two-year-old English Bulldog. He’s a regular fixture in the office, destroying couches by drooling on them, pouting incessantly when people insist on using the conference room he has claimed as his own, and generally making life just a little bit better. – Kent Woods, Woods Erickson & Whitaker, LLP, Henderson Nevada


Several people in the office bring their dogs to work on occasion. Here’s my legal assistant Sadie working on a tough issue. I call her the office therapy dog, because she makes sure to greet everyone with wiggles and kisses when she gets here. This is particularly valuable in a public defender’s office!Sadie came from a rescue group out of a high-kill shelter about five years ago. – A Georgia public defender‘s office.


Companion of Mike Moore, Esq., CFO of Rocket Matter. Named after one of Mike’s favorite Las Vegas activities, Blackjack staffs Rocket Matter’s Midwest Regional satellite office. He routinely checks Mike’s calculations and identifies key trends and patterns in data, all while managing to poop (mostly) outside. Blackjack was one of the masterminds behind the “Law Office Pets” page.


Chillin’ – Chirag V. Patel, Patel Law Group


Wanda has been a part of James Maguire and Co since it’s inception in March 2010. Her role is a vital one in reducing stress levels and boosting happiness throughout the office. She is always available for cuddles and more than happy to accompany the team on a lunchtime walk into Wilmslow!


Ranger is the newest office pet here at Rocket Matter. This three month-old corgi belongs to our graphic designer, Lisa. Ranger loves to chew on anything he can sink his teeth into, but he’ll melt your heart with his huge puppy eyes and ginormous ears.

Luigi and Pedro

Schnauzer love: Luigi and Pedro patiently waiting while I get dressed for work. – Ernest Benavidez, Baron & Budd


Burton is a 3-year-old English Springer Spaniel. He has been the boss of the office since he was 8 weeks old. Although he prefers to chase tennis balls or swim, he does take charge of the office just fine during the week. He’s a welcome distraction from the stress of the day! – Erin Kane, Blount & Lavin, P.C.