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    App of the Week: Ansa – Make Sent Texts, Videos and Photos Disappear


      Have you ever sent a text message you shouldn’t have or wary about a drunk text, or worse, a mean text saved for eternity? Ansa lets you delete the text from your phone and the recipient’s phone as well – months after sending it.
      And it does a whole lot more for users concerned about the privacy of their communications.
      I’ve been hesitant to chat freely with friends via text on my phone or private message on social platforms since those communications are saved for eternity. These communications can be made pubic through technical malfunctions or people with an ax to grind, and are available to be read by employees of whatever platform you’re using, and of course, the NSA.
      However, when you use Ansa, messages and media are deleted seconds after being read – from your phone, their phone, and Ansa servers. No peeking or exposing or NSA concerns. Sure someone can take screenshots and save them, like they can on SnapChat (SnapChat notifies you if someone takes a screenshot but there are ways around that) but that’s an extra step most wouldn’t engage in, and if they do, you might want to take a closer look at your circle of friends.
      I’d love to see every communication app and platform (like Facebook and Twitter) adopt a similar self-destruct option.
      Ansa is free and available for iOS and Andriod devices
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