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    New: The Complete Guide to Office 365 for Law Firms


      When you work with thousands of law firms like I do, it’s pretty easy to identify tech trends. An unstoppable one is Microsoft Office 365 adoption in law firms.
      To help lawyers and other legal professionals understand how this version of Office is different than the rest, we’re happy to provide a free guide. Click here to download The Complete Guide to Office 365 for Law Firms.
      By some reports, Microsoft Office 365’s user base has increased by 47% in one year, and it’s no surprise why law firms in particular are adopting this product en masse:
      * The new Microsoft Office product works equally on both Macs and PCs. Because of their highly-functional browser versions, you can spend $250 on a Chromebook, for instance, and still use Office.
      * Die-hard Apple fans are beginning to throw in the towel after Pages, Keynote, and Numbers haven’t seen major updates in years.
      * The mobile versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are well-designed and included in Office 365 subscriptions.
      * Economically, the subscription model of Office 365 is very compelling for small businesses like law firms. Using Office becomes a small monthly expense, and there is no need for a significant outlay in cash for software licenses (as was the case with previous versions of Office).
      * Additionally, lawyers can use Office 365 in concert with their other critical legal tools like Rocket Matter, so that documents can be associated with billable time and matters. Contacts, emails, and calendars can also fully integrate with legal practice management software.
      Download your free copy of The Complete Guide to Office 365 for Law Firms today!

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