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    New Twitter Search Provides Better Results Quickly


      Millions of people use Twitter, including lawyers and legal professionals, but the less than robust search functionality has been a sore point for many.

      They’ve been working on it – Twitter just rolled out a few enhancements to simplify Twitter search and make it easier for users to find topics they’re interested in and to find who to follow.

      Auto-complete saves time

      Twitter is way late to the party with this functionality, but it’s here now and parallels the Google search experience.

      Search autocomplete shows you the most likely terms for your query as you enter it. Looking for an event hashtag or a specific user? A drop-down menu appears as you type with the most relevant Tweets, articles, accounts, images and videos for your query.

      So when you search for someone like Jeremy Lin, the drop-down menu will include people referring to his real name and his username. You no longer have to perform multiple searches for each.

      Search tweets from the people you follow

      We’ve been asking for the ability to search for tweets from the people that we follow. It’s finally here.

      Trying to locate the tweet that you saw earlier in the day about an interesting webinar? Enter “webinar” in the search box, hit enter, and the list will include an option to limit the results to only the “people you follow”. Useful!

      The default results list is “All” with a third “Top” filter option for results from the top Twitter accounts.

      Related suggestions and spelling corrections

      If your search query contains incorrect spelling, Twitter now includes with the search results, a “did you mean” option with the correct spelling. I tested this out and it only works for some words, like popular names.

      Twitter also rolled out “related suggestions”. So if you enter “cloud” in the search box, the results list will include a related suggestion of “cloud computing”.

      These time saving enhancements for more accurate and relevant seach are available on, and Twitter on your iPhone and Android devices.

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