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    Too Many Open Tabs In Your Browser? Try These Tips


      Ideally, you shouldn’t have more than nine tabs open, but let’s be real. I try to keep them in the single digits for much of the day but when I’m in the middle of a research project (most days), it’s often a losing battle.
      But, when the browser or my computer starts slowing down, I know it’s tab-shedding time. Google Chrome is my primary browser and here are a few open tab management tips I use.

      Tabs folder for quick access

      Need to shut down your browser but still have 17 tabs open with must-read web pages? Easy. Just right-click (Control + click on a Mac) on any of the tabs, select “Bookmark all Tabs,” name it (I not-so-creatively call mine “Open Tabs”), and save the folder to the Bookmarks Bar so it’s always visible.

      Now, whenever you want to save a tab to read later, choose “Bookmark this Page” from the pull-down menu or click on the star in the address bar and save it to the “Open Tabs” folder. I try to clean out this folder every night as it can get out of control – and useless – in a hurry.

      Pocket or Instapaper: “Read it Later” apps which can turn into “Read it Never”

      Posts, articles and web pages that are not as critical are saved to Pocket, my favorite read-it-later app. This does quickly get out of control as I only tackle it weekly or monthly, mass deleting many of the suddenly not-so-important articles. I’ve learned to be more selective about which articles are worth saving to read later.

      Clip to Evernote

      This tip (and inspiration for the post) comes courtesy of Gyi Tsakalakis via a Twitter conversation we had earlier today, in response to his tweet: “how many browser tabs do you have open right now? I’ll start: 28.” I use Evernote for just about everything, and try to keep it relatively clutter free by not saving too many web pages to be read later, but it’s a good option for most. And you can even configure Evernote with GTD. Thanks for the tip, Gyi.
      Other open tab management tips? Please share in the comments.
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