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    7 Ways to Repurpose Your Law Firm Content Online


      repurpose law firm content“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” You’ve heard the phrase many times, but have you considered applying it to anything other than your carbon footprint?
      For the web environment, let’s condense the phrase to one word: repurpose. Repurposing reduces your workload by reusing existing content. Consider the following 7 simple ways to repurpose your content online.

      1. Blog Posts

      If you’re not already writing blog posts, you should. Blogging helps establish thought leadership, keeps you on top of your subject area, and establishes and enhances meaningful relationship. Not convinced? Twenty-three prolific lawyers weigh in on why they blog. Much of your repurposed content will come from your blog. It could be a video, summary of presentation, newsletter, E-Book, etc.

      2. Social Media Posts

      Social media is a great way to meet people, engage, and share. It’s also one of the best ways to quickly increase exposure to your content. Summarize your topic and post it to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Social media drives traffic to your site so remember to include links.

      3. Video

      Videos can be created from a blog post or be the subject of one. They don’t have to be a huge, expensive production. You can create videos right from your smartphone or computer – shoot an interview, show how you use an app or product, or recite from a script based on content you’ve have already written.
      Not only are you repurposing content and then redistributing it through your go-to channels and social media accounts, you are also providing a boost to your online marketing.

      4. Slideshows

      You don’t have to present at a conference or seminar to create a slideshow. You can create and share your slides online through various channels including Slideshare, Speaker Deck, or even YouTube, to name a few. They provide yet another way to decode your message by breaking it up into smaller pieces.

      5. Infographics

      Some of your audience will be more receptive to visual content. Infographics put the main points of your message into relatable images. Quantifiable statistics and other interesting information can be shown in an aesthetically-pleasing graphic instead of just black and white text. Infographics can then be shared on social media and repurposed as blog posts. See: 5 Essential Tips on Infographic Design.

      6. Newsletters

      Many law firms create weekly, monthly or quarterly practice-area newsletters. Consider adding a monthly e-mail newsletter to give blog posts, videos and other content, new life. Your newsletter should feature a few of the most recent, top-performing blog posts along with other news or firm information. In the newsletter, the blog posts should be formatted to include a concise snippet of what the post is about with a link to the full post on your blog. See 2-minute video: What Makes a Good Newsletter?

      7. E-Books

      One of our favorite ways to repurpose content is to compile a thematic set of blog posts into an E-Book. Since you’re already blogging regularly and have good content, you’re ready for an E-Book.
      First, designate a theme, then select 10-15 related posts from your blog. Create table of contents, “about the firm,” and summary pages, have it proofread, design the cover (Elance has a great selection of proofreaders and designers), create a landing page, and promote and distribute it.
      Check out: Law Practice Management, Technology, Productivity, and Marketing E-Books
      Lawyers rightfully spend their time attending to clients needs. Producing content can seem overwhelming and is often not the top priority. But it’s increasingly necessary in today’s information, digital-marketing world. But it need not be burdensome. Encouraging and nurturing a content-producing culture at the firm helps, as does the knowledge that useful content, once produced, can be repurposed to new audiences in a variety of formats and channels.

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