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    Resources from the Blogosphere For Lawyers and Evernote


      We can’t get enough Evernote here in Legal Productivity-land.

      We always like to think we take our newfangled ideas from the software business and inject them into the legal biz, but in this case, it was legal peeps who schooled us!

      On this blog, we’ve talked all about using Evernote to run a paperless law office, and became so hooked on the tool that we integrated Evernote into our legal software product.

      If you’re new to Evernote, we made a Tech Tutorial video to get you up to speed, and if you haven’t taken advantage of the to-do list functionality in Evernote check out the Egretlist app we profiled last month.

      And we’re not the only ones hooked. Ryan McKeen wrote on A Connecitcut Law Blog how Evernote simplified his life, improved his practice, and removed clutter:

      Evernote is a cloud based service that allows me to “remember everything”. Its features are amazing. Everything I used to write on scrap paper now gets indexed on evernote.

      Jay Fleischman, writing on The Inspired Solo, comes up with 9, count ’em, 9 ways to use Evernote in a law practice.

      North Carolina Practice Management Advisor and tech guru Erik Mazzone follows up with three more ways to use Evernote. He answers Jay’s post with some clever ideas of his own and adds:

      I love Evernote. It does so many useful things that most of the time my biggest problem in using it is making sure I’m not missing out on ways to use it effectively.

      Last but not least, Lawyerist featured a great piece by our own Tim Baran recently, where he notes about the offline and mobile capabilities of the popular note-taking tool:

      Evernote auto-syncs between your mobile devices, computer, and on the web at Doesn’t get more foolproof, accessible and productive than that.

      What about you? How do you use Evernote in your law firm?

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