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    Rocket Matter Online Legal Practice Management Coverage in Feb, 2009


      We enjoyed getting to know Sean Doherty, Legal Technology Editor at and the author of the’s Legal Technology Blog at Legal Tech 2009.  Software as a Service and Rocket Matter was first highlighted in his blog in his Legal Tech wrap up story, and again in The National Law Journal:

      Software as a Service is almost as hard to ignore today as Web 2.0, especially for solo and small firm attorneys looking for a low-cost method of law practice management. […]Rocket Matter stepped up to LegalTech with new products and services.

      Rocket Matter, in celebration of the new year, officially launched version 1.0 on Jan. 6. Prior to that, it had been operating in beta mode. Like Clio, Rocket Matter is SaaS aimed at legal practice management and time and billing needs for lawyers and law firms. I will be taking a closer look at Rocket Matter after I collect myself from all the activities at LegalTech New York.

      Thanks to Jim Calloway for posting about online tools including Rocket Matter recently in his Law Practice Tips Blog.  Jim mentions the popular application Remember the Milk, and takes a second to remind lawyers about legal specific online tools and the security considerations involved:

      In the same way we have seen faxing technology, computers, online legal research and e-mail muscle their way into the typical law office environment, access to calendar and to-do lists via a mobile phone is already deemed a minimum requirement by an increasing number of lawyers. Online lawyer matter management systems like Rocket Matter […] are gaining in popularity. A password-protected online data system may have legal protection, but their security needs to be tough if lawyers are the customers.

      We’d like to take this opportunity to address Jim’s important observations on security, and direct readers to posts on the subject here and here.

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