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    Rocket Matter Release Notes: 8-21-15

    by Misbah Siddiqui



      • Pending invoicing amount on the user dashboard is no longer visible to users without billing dashboard permission.
      • Pending invoicing amount on the matter dashboard properly reflects flat fee amount entered when creating matter.
      • Cases with pending invoicing and matter ledger balances cannot be closed.
      • Billing date of billable entry remains the same after save order is clicked.

      Usability Improvements:

      • When transferring a billable entry to another matter, the user remains on the original matter.



      • Error is received if role is not entered for related contact of matter.

      Documents and Notes


      • Error is not received when uploading document with a lengthy file name.
      • Company name merge field pulls the company name from both the personal and company contact records.


      Usability Improvements:

      • The contact/client export in advance search is now similar to the contact export on the admin page.
      • Batch billing export displays totals from client’s matters.



      • Task is properly added when pipe character is entered in the task description field.

      Trust Accounting

      Usability Improvements:

      • “Trust Account” label changed to “Client Trust Ledger”.

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