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    Rocket Matter Releases “Sulu” with Legal Billing Improvements + More



      “Sulu” is our third consecutive release of small application improvements to our legal billing software, coming on the heels of the release of our iPhone app. Our two previous releases, also based directly on customer feedback, were “Uhura” and “Chekov”.

      Remember, if you have ideas for us, you don’t have to wait until the next survey. You can email us any time at features (at) rocketmatter (dot) com, which we constantly review.

      Improvements to Legal Billing and Case Management

      • Company contacts now have a primary contact. Use it on your invoices with the template field Client.PrimaryContactName. This field allows you to invoice a specific person at a company.
      • Custom fields can now be alphabetized! This was requested by those of you using a lot of custom fields. Go to Admin > Settings > Manage Custom Fields and click the Alphabetize checkbox.
      • We added a multirow / single row toggle on our bill expense or time page.

      NOTE: In our Chekov release, we made this field bigger, but the unintended result was that you could no longer take advantage of your browser’s stored cache of billable descriptions. The multirow toggle gives you the best of both worlds.

      • Add Matter Wizard: When you create a matter and add a new client in the wizard, we fill in the first name and last name fields in the contact form.
      • Trust Accounting: We now provide the ability to transfer a trust balance when deleting a client. In addition, we now prevent users from moving matters from one client to another if trust ledger entries have been recorded. These actions need to be undone before the matter can be safely moved.
      • Our newly revamped record payment screen now has an “OK and Add Another” button for quicker data entry.
      • The Open Matters Report now has an additional column: Matter Type, which is either Flat Fee, Contingency, or Hourly.
      • For our customers with international clients: we now permit accented letters on invoice names.

      Several bug fixes went out in Sulu as well:

          • When editing a billable item from a report, the system returns user to the grid page the user was on.
          • Fixed issue with notes not exporting on tag search.
          • Fixed issue when files uploaded into unlimited document storage share a name on the same matter.
          • Mariah Carey feature has been disabled.
          • Custom Matter Rate issue: when 0.00 custom rate is edited, it shows the correct rate.

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      July 27, 2012: Rocket Matter Releases “Uhura” with Larger Uploads, Media Files + More

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