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    Rocket Matter’s New Series: Shelter Animal of the Week


      Caring is one of our core values at Rocket Matter. We’ve decided to extend our caring beyond the way we treat each other and our customers, so Rocket Matter is now championing two main causes: Social justice and animal welfare.
      Previously we’ve written about our involvement with the Anti-Defamation League and highlighted lawyers fighting the good fight in our Legal Freedom Fighter series. Now, we’re adding shelter pet adoption into this mix.
      It’s no secret that we love animals here at Rocket Matter. We’ve collectively got dogs, cats, bunnies, a turtle, and a pet bird. Our law firms send us pictures of their animals. My family has its own menagerie: Two sweet dogs and a cat that I like to believe loves us very much (she just doesn’t know how to express her feelings.)
      However, we know that far too many animals out there aren’t so lucky. That’s why we want to help create awareness about the millions of loving creatures in desperate need for a home.
      I know a lot of people might be wary of getting a pet from a shelter. There’s the whole “You don’t know what you’re getting” train of thought. I totally get it. But on the other hand, may I humbly present Brody:

      My family adopted Brody from Animal Aid, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale a few years ago, and I’ve got to say he’s the most loving creature I’ve ever met. We took this picture shortly after we brought him home, and he’s still ridiculously cute. Also, I don’t know if this is possible, but many other shelter parents will tell you the same thing: The animal seems genuinely grateful for being adopted.
      (We rescued the aforementioned cat, too, just not from a shelter. She showed up on our doorstep, dying of malnutrition, infections, and parasites. We fed her a can of tuna fish, one thing led to another, and now we have Kitty Cupcake).
      Once a week on Legal Productivity we’ll feature a Shelter Pet of the Week—an animal you can adopt. Of course, not all of them will be in your area, but maybe you know someone who can provide a home.
      The bigger idea is that, hopefully, our Pets of the Week will help remind you to contact your local shelter next time you’re looking for a pet.
      It’s no secret that lawyers deal with a lot of stress. And it’s definitely no secret that having a pet can make people happy and reduce anxiety. So if you’re a lawyer, it just makes sense: Get a pet!
      So here’s the first guy we want to feature: Ranger, a Shepherd/Doberman mix from Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco. (No particular reason we chose this rescue organization to kick off this series!)

      Here’s what the site has to say:
      Meet Ranger- an energetic 3 year-old Shepherd Mix that is 45 pounds of fun! Ranger is an affectionate goof that loves toys, treats, and cuddle sessions with his people. He has a very calm and mellow energy inside the house–you’ll likely find him snoozing on your feet. Outdoors he’s a happy bouncy boy that will play fetch with a passion. He also loves to please his person by following commands and has mastered all his basic obedience. What a smart boy.
      Ranger is great with dogs! He loves doggy daycare and could be a 2nd dog in the home. He would probably not get along well with a cat though. He is fully house trained, crate trained and right around 5 he’ll fetch his food bowl to remind you it’s time for dinner.
      If you live in California, you might be able to welcome Ranger into your family. Fill out the adoption application today.

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