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    A Few Takeaways From Seth Godin on Building NewLaw Podcast

    by rocketmatter-admin

      I’ve listened to a great many podcasts over the years and can pretty much tell right away if an episode is useful or if it’s just done as the latest, shiny marketing gimmick. The Building NewLaw episode where Seth Godin tells lawyers how to make art and start a ruckus, falls solidly into the former category. Listen to the episode when you get a chance. In fact, subscribe to the podcast and you’ll discover and enjoy the passion of hosts Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold in their effort to help change the practice of law and delivery of legal services.

      Here are a few takeaways from the Seth Godin episode and related discussions we’ve had on this blog. (Confession: I’m a long-time Godin fan.)

      Identifying your purpose: Why are you a lawyer? To make change happen – to move things in the direction of justice. If you’re only interested in the status quo: billing more hours, you’re in for a world of hurt.

      See: Thriving Lawyers: It’s Not About More Money

      Destroy the perfect to enable to impossible – It may not be in your or your client’s best interest IN THE SHORT RUN to destroy the perfect. But think long-term. We’re no longer in an industrial economy but a “connection” economy where the person who’s most valued is the person who’s the most connected, not the person who bills the most hours.

      Yep, this is why I prefer Twitter over LinkedIn for establishing connections and building and nurturing relationships.

      Do I promote myself or do I promote the firm? Answer: whatever matters to the client. Be the real thing, not just affiliated with a firm that’s the real thing.

      We talked about this in Law Firm Branding or Individual Attorney Branding.

      Billing hours vs. solving problems – The work you’ll remember years from now and that your clients will thank you for is leadership, connection, and solving interesting problems.

      Don’t ask clients how to run your firm. Find out what your clients are afraid of, what their problems are, what they desire, but don’t ask them what you should do. Your job is to work with personas and dreams and communities to provide something they wanted all along but didn’t realize it.

      You can also use personas as part of your marketing strategy.

      Do these talking points inspire you? Do they raise even more questions? There’s lots more to the conversation. Check it out!

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