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    Six Ways Small Law Firms and Solo Practitioners Benefit from Cloud-Based Legal Software

      Six Ways Small Law Firms and Solo Practitioners Benefit from Cloud-Based Legal Software

      Cloud-based legal software offers a ton of benefits to law practices of all sizes. But for smaller law firms who have fewer resources, cloud-based software is a no-brainer: It can help streamline your business operations so you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping your clients. If your firm is still using on-premise software or the ancient, inefficient practice of post-it notes and paper, it’s time to make the switch! Still not convinced? Here are six ways small law firms and solo practitioners benefit from cloud-based legal software:

      Benefit #1:  Cloud-Based Legal Software Cuts Out Unnecessary Servers and IT Costs 

      You know that server you have in your office, the big one that is loud, has many wires attached to it and seems to go down at the most inopportune times? Imagine it’s gone and you never need it again. Oh yeah, and that IT person to whom you pay thousands of dollars every year to fix the server when it crashes and to update your various licenses for the programs you use? Say “Goodbye” to him or her too. 

      Cloud computing means you no longer need a server to store and manage your data. You use your cloud provider’s server to do so. With cloud-based legal software such as Rocket Matter, your information is stored on professional-grade servers with high-grade security. This means that even if your computer or mobile device is damaged or stolen, you can still access your data through another device. Sounds like a win-win to us.  

      Benefit #2: You’ll Have Access to a Ton of Storage 

      It’s a fact: You will outgrow your local server if your law practice continues to grow. Additionally, your server will most likely be obsolete after a few years as technology improves. And if you maintain your files on external hard drives, those will eventually fill up too! The cost of hard drives and server migrations is a pain that you can avoid with cloud-based legal software. 

      With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage because you pay for what you need. For a small or solo practice, it is doubtful you need much. And with cloud-based software such as Rocket Matter, you can keep track of an unlimited amount of clients and matters and take advantage of unlimited document storage. The peace of mind knowing that your software can accommodate you as your firm continues to grow is immeasurable.  

      Benefit #3: Cloud-Based Legal Software Enables Remote Access for Your Small Law Firm 

      Remember the days when you had to go into a physical office to get work done? With the global adoption of work-from-home business model, it’s essential now more than ever to be able to run your law firm from anywhere. Cloud-based solutions offer you this benefit, in addition to providing your small law firm with the ability to access all the firm’s information from one single source.  

      Rather than maintaining physical paper files in a single office location, cloud-based software allows you (and the rest of your law firm) to log in to a single platform to stay up to date with calendars, clients, matters, invoices, and more. Features such as Rocket Matter’s Communicator also enable you to leverage internal messaging and easy file sharing amongst your co-workers. You can also start up video chats directly from within the platform.

      Not only can you use your computer to access your firm’s information, but since the software is cloud-based, you can gain access using any kind of device with an internet connection, including your mobile phone and tablet. Legal practice management software such as Rocket Matter also includes free mobile applications, so you can access important information and even track time while on the go. Accessibility doesn’t get much easier than that.  

      Benefit #4: Your Small Law Firm Will Save a Ton of Money  

      Cloud computing can be very affordable if you’re a small practice. Consider this: The cost will increase for servers, storage, and that IT person as your firm grows. Of course, even with cloud computing, it will become more expensive the more complex your practice gets, the more intricate your security needs become, and the more users you have using the software. However, you’re getting so much more for your money.  

      Cloud-based legal software can also save you money by offering a multitude of different functionality bundled into one platform. Rather than having to invest money into multiple third-party applications, legal cloud-based software offers included features such as document storage, client and calendar management, online payments, and much more. 

      Benefit #5: Cloud-Based Legal Practice Management Software Saves a Ton of Time  

      Small law firms waste hours every week on mundane administrative tasks. Cloud-based legal practice management software can help automate these tasks and save you and your firm a ton of time (and time equals MONEY!). In fact, a good portion of a lawyer’s daily tasks can be automated with existing technology.  

      For example, document automation enables lawyers to create documents up to 80% faster than if done manually. Online invoicing can also save you the time and hassle of having to print invoices, mail them to your clients, and then wait for a check in the mail. And with online payments, your clients can pay using a credit card or eCheck and funds will be deposited into your account in as few as just 12 hours.  

      As we explained earlier, cloud-based legal software also bundles a ton of functionality into one platform, which will cut down on the time normally spent bouncing around from application to application. In fact, software such as Rocket Matter offers a multitude of third-party integrations, including Microsoft Office and Outlook, which can help streamline your daily workflows and cut down significantly on your admin time.  

      Benefit #6: There is Plenty of Room for Growth 

      Another fantastic benefit of cloud-based legal software for small and solo firms is that it offers room for growth. It is incredibly simple to add a user when you hire a new employee and just as easy to remove a user when employment ends. Rocket Matter’s cloud-based legal software even offers different levels of user permissions, so you can ensure the right people have access to the right information as your law firm grows. Software like this ensures there is little to no administrative hassle in the growth process.  

      In short, cloud-based legal practice management software can help save your firm money, and also help you perform your job better AND faster. If you’re still hesitant to make the switch, you can book a free personalized demo with one of Rocket Matter’s practice management experts. We can help assess your firm’s pain points and offer practical solutions to help skyrocket your small law firm’s productivity and profitability.  

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