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Rocket Matter Mandalorian

Enterprise features to help mid-sized and large law firms move to the cloud.

Rocket Matter’s new Mandalorian release offers enterprise-level cloud practice management features for law firms. Enjoy the most robust integration with NetDocuments of any practice management software on the market. Lock down access throughout Rocket Matter on a feature-by-feature level with RM Permissions. And go Lean with our new Kanban boards and Cycle Time reports.

The Most Robust NetDocuments Integration of Any Cloud Platform

Leveraging NetDocument’s next-generation programming platform, Rocket Matter built the kind of integration you want: the ability to work smoothly in your matter management tool while leveraging the abilities of the most powerful cloud document management system on the market.

NetDocuments Workspace

When a matter is created in Rocket Matter, a corresponding workspace is generated in NetDocuments. The matter type is also passed to NetDocuments, allowing for instant folder structure creation and other powerful automation tools in the NetDocuments platform.

Leverage NetDocuments’ full-text search from within Rocket Matter, allowing you to remain in your practice management application while being able to locate key phrases across your legal documents.

rocket matter netdocuments full text search

Secure Your Law Firm with Retooled
RM Permissions

Most security breaches are caused by insiders and are not sophisticated cyberattacks from outsiders. That’s why Rocket Matter built a way for you to secure your data from both outside and inside the firm, using the most configurable set of security permissions available among legal practice management software.

RM permissions

RM Permissions gives you complete flexibility and granular control over permissive access throughout the system. Specify the actions users can take inside of Rocket Matter, down to individual features. 

Configure Multiple Trust Accounts
and Flexible Recurring Billing

With its ability to generate and email thousands of invoices within minutes, Rocket Matter provides what is widely considered the most powerful SaaS legal billing engine on the market. Now, you can accelerate invoice collection – and overall firm revenue – through a powerful suite of billing options.

Mandalorian introduces the ability to create multiple trust accounts. Your law firm can track trust deposits on a matter-by-matter basis. And you’ll make your accounting department and CPA’s happy: Rocket Matter’s ledgers are fully compatible with QuickBooks Online.

RM trust functionality
automated legal credit card payments

With RM Recurring Billing, you can maintain credit card or banking information securely on-file. This allows you to create payment plans so clients can pay off invoices over time. You can also create new subscription-style services and alternative fee arrangements with recurring billing. In Rocket Matter, you’re able to schedule automatic payments at daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly intervals.

Run a Lean Law Firm

At Rocket Matter, we literally wrote the book on running a Lean Law Firm. With Mandalorian, we help you and your firm fully adopt Lean techniques.

Rocket Matter Kanban board view

View a visual status of all your cases with Kanban boards, which are built on top of Rocket Matter’s robust Legal Project Management platform. Understand the overall performance of your firm with critical Lean metrics, such as Throughput Rates and Cycle Times.

Instantly Launch a Video Conference

With the few clicks of a button, you can launch a feature-rich video conference using our Communicator app on your desktop.

Our robust video conferences are now powered by Jitsi! With just a few mouse clicks, you’ll have access to features such as  screen sharing, live streaming, recording, and much more! 


Rocket Matter Mandalorian

Featuring NetDocuments integration.  Sophisticated permission configurations for enterprise law firms. Matter-based trust accounting to give you more granular control over your finances. And tools to help you run a Lean Law Firm.

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