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by rocketmatter-admin June 19, 2014

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If you use Twitter and other social networks or are responsible for community engagement at your firm, you probably use a few applications and services to make the process seamless and efficient.

I use Feedly and Buffer. But that invovles training someone on both platforms to take over when I’m not around. That’s no longer necessary with the new Buffer Feeds.

Buffer is my app of choice for sharing posts on Twitter. I can also use it to share and schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ but since I share less frequently on those platforms, I prefer to go native.

Sure, I can endlessly scroll through the social streams or visit blogs and news sites to find relevant, useful information to read and share, but that’s not an efficient use of my time. Using curated lists and a feed aggregator like Feedly to curate my favorite blogs and websites is a better option.

Now, Buffer has added a Feeds section that turns the app into a content aggregating machine so I never have to leave the app to find, post, schedule, or analyze content.

I’ve copied a core group of blogs and website feeds to Buffer so when I’m not around, others can quickly jump in and find useful information to share on the company’s social channels. I’m not giving up Feedly – it’s a great service that does one thing and does it well – like viewing options, organizing feeds into categories, and the ability to read content in-app. But for many, especially managers of content at firms who employ a team of social sharers, combining content feeds with sharing and scheduling, will be a significant improvement in streamlining the community management process.

You’ll need to upgrade to the “Awesome” plan – only $10/month – to access this feature.

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