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    4 Tips to Speed Up Your iPhone


      The channels are buzzing with news of shiny new iPhones announced earlier today. But you’re not eligible for an upgrade or want to be prudent since your current phone works just fine. Well, it would be fine if it would just speed up a bit.
      The iPhone is computing device that happens to make phone calls and all computers tend to become sluggish over time as memory becomes clogged and software bloated. But here are a few tips to get your iPhone to its old zippy self.
      1. Delete old images, videos and text messages – Free up storage space by deleting old memory-hogging files that include pictures, videos and songs. If you want to save these files, download them to your computer or via iCloud. Text messages and voicemails saved over the years take up tons of space. Delete them.
      2. Close open apps – Tap the home button twice to bring up a horizontal scrolling list of open apps. To close an app, press on any app on the screen and they will start to wiggle. Click on the red circle that appears to close each app. There is some debate about how useful this step is in speeding up your iPhone since Apple claims to efficiently handle open apps that are not in the foreground, but some swear by it. A rogue memory-leaking app or three may be among the open apps and it can’t hurt to close them out.
      3. Delete unused apps – If you like to check out new apps, you should also set aside some time to clean them up. Go to Settings > General > Usage. You’ll be surprised to see how many apps apps you have on your iPhone that you no longer use, especially if you organize your apps into folders and they hide out there. Bonus: you’ll save time by not having to scroll through scores of unused apps to find the one you’re looking for.

      4. Clear Safari cookies and data and close open browser windows – Free up additional memory by clearing browser cache. Go to settings and scroll down to the Safari icon and tap it. Clear history, cookies and data.
      In a nutshell, delete ruthlessly for a clutter-free, zippier iPhone. If you have other tips, please share in the comments.
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