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    Top 10 Legal Productivity Posts of the Year


      From Zombie Apocalypse to Steve Jobs, It was fun and poignant looking back on the banner year we had on the Legal Productivity blog.

      Remember when the Casey Anthony trial gripped much of the nation? Our observations on the trial zoomed to the top of the list. Posts on social media royalty, Twitter and Facebook cracked the top 10. Cloud computing discussions unsurprisingly resonated with our readers, as did productivity topics and apps like calendaring and Evernote.

      Our quizzes were hits and we will continue the series in the new year. Also getting an honorable mention is our “vote for your favorite app of the year” post which culminated in Fastcase And Dropbox Earning Top Legal Productivity App Of 2011 Honors.

      On to the top posts of 2011. We hope that you find the most popular posts below, useful anew.

      The Top-10

      1. 3 Observations On The Casey Anthony Trial – June 6, 2011
      2. 7 Things To Know About Legal Cloud Computing – February 22, 2011
      3. 7 Highly Successful Calendaring Habits For Attorneys – May 12, 2011
      4. How To Use Facebook For Law Firms Part One : The First 3 Tips – March 29, 2011
      5. Power Your Paperless Law Office With Evernote – July 13, 2011
      6. 7 Ways Your Law Firm Can Survive A Zombie Apocalypse – June 1, 2011
      7. How Lawyers Can Use Twitter To Get Speaking Gigs – July 7, 2011
      8. Top 10 Legal Podcasts – November 15, 2011
      9. 5 Free Analytics Tools To Track Your Twitter Activity – September 29, 2011
      10. Midnight In Paris With Steve Jobs – August 26, 2011

      Thanks so much for checking us out and we hope to bring you much more in the new year. If you’d like to see us cover specific topics, please let us know.

      Bring on 2012!

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