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    Top 5 Facebook Tips and Tricks


      We have a love-hate relationship with the leading social network. We hate the invasion into our lives, privacy concerns and the hours we wile away on the site. But we love Facebook, as evidenced by the, well, hours we spend on the site every day.

      Here are a few tips for a more productive, streamlined Facebook love fest.

      1. Create lists – Create lists based on your interests. To create a lists, find the “Interests” section in the left sidebar on Facebook’s homepage and click on “Add Interests”. Facebook will walk you through the 3-step process of creating a list of pages or friends. The lists can be public or private. This is especially useful for curating news feeds and keeping up with friends who post consistently useful content.

      2. Update without broadcasting – Want to update your profile without it appearing on your timeline and bothering your friends? You can. Click on your name in the top menu then click again on “About”. This is where you edit your personal information like where you were born, your current city, favorite quotes, etc. Before updating a section, click on the “Edit” button, then on the icon that appears and choose “Only Me” and save. Then go back into that section and update to your hearts content, and save the update. Now you can go back and change the access of that section back to Public, Friends, Only Me or Custom.

      3. Remove the ugly URL – When you paste a link into your status update bar to share with your friends, a window opens with the article title, caption and image. You can now delete the long ugly URL from your status update bar. And while you’re at it, you can also edit the title and caption of the article by clicking on the title or caption.

      4. Change news feed to Most Recent – Facebook news feed defaults to “Top Stories” meaning that you’ll probably miss many of your friends posts. I prefer the “Most Recent” option. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide an option for defaulting to “Most Recent.” Instead, choose the “Most Recent” option and bookmark the URL in your browser bar. The link looks like this: Now every time you click on the bookmark in your browser bar to access Facebook, it’ll default to “Most Recent”.

      5. Reposition photos in your Timeline – We love sharing photos but they vary in size and not all end up being centered. You can easily go back and beautify your timeline by repositioning the photos. Simply click on the on the “Edit” icon in the top right of the photo and click and drag to reposition.

      Any other tips you’ve picked up along the way? Please share in the comments.

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