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    Top Debunked iPhone 5 Rumors


      This week on Legal Productivity, we’re focusing on iPhone productivity in honor of our parent company Rocket Matter’s launch of their new legal iPhone app for case management and time and billing.

      The guessing and pacing and fingernail biting around the release of the iPhone 5 next week is in full force. So we here at Legal Productivity, ever the investigative sleuths, attempted to get to the bottom of what we can expect. We wanted to separate fact from fiction.

      And boy, there were some total fallacies we were able to debunk. Below is a list of the top debunked iPhone 5 Rumors (more items under the image as well):

      * Doubles as a coffee tumbler: pour 16 oz. of Starbucks® into the microphone and sip at leisure.

      * Emits relaxing aromatherapy.

      * Will noise cancel every other word spoken within 10 feet by an irriating opposing counsel or staff member.

      * Weeps unconsolably when lies are detected in political advertisements (had to be disabled due to wearing-out of speakers).

      * Red Cross hardware adapter allows iPhone to take pint of blood and upload it to blood bank.

      * Will mercilessly trash talk IBM’s Watson.

      * Controls weather within 25 yards.

      * Will scramble slot machine algorithms to temporarily result in payout rates at 10% higher rate.

      * Take a photo and it will auto-scan social networks and suggests potential customized pickup lines.

      * Will automatically valuate the true attractiveness of a counterpart if you’re intoxicated.

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