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    Wednesday Wisdom: How to Use Advanced Search for Conflicts Checking


      Each week we continue to explore the numerous dimensions of the new Intergalactic Search. Last week, we saw how advanced custom searches can be made to get an overview of matters and their balances. This week we dive into advanced contact search to check for conflicts in previous, current or potential matters.
      The advanced contact search option will allow you to create custom filters for your search based on:

      1. Client
      2. Matter
      3. Tag
      4. Matter Status
      5. Contact Name (again, using ” * ” will allow you to search ALL contacts)

      contact search 1

      Each of these filters will allow you to display the contacts that are associated with the specifics that you designate. A detailed report is generated to reveal the contact’s title, any client and matter associated with that contact, and their email address and phone number.

      contact search 2

      This report will allow you to quickly identify contacts that may be conflicts in previous, current or potential matters. Don’t forget, each search can be saved with its specified filters, and exported to be utilized in Excel and for other business purposes.
      Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.22.28 PM
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