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    Wednesday Wisdom: Blaze Through Your Monthly Invoicing with Even Faster Batch Billing


      Current Rocket Matter users appreciate the speed and ease with which they can create invoices and bill their customers.

      Before they used Rocket Matter, many of our firms had to set aside entire days each month in order to process the monthly invoices for all their clients. Once they embraced Rocket Matter, that time was reduced from days to minutes!

      Good news:  that process just got even faster, as Rocket Matter now employs dedicated, on-demand cloud servers to speed up the batch billing process.

      Imagine having the ability to invoice all your unbilled time and expenses with the a click of the mouse.  That’s what Rocket Matter batch billing does.

      For a quick review of how to use the Batch Billing feature at your firm, just follow these simple steps:

      1. Click Pending Invoicing, under the firm billing tab on the right hand side of your user dashboard.

      2. Fill in the appropriate fields on the Batch Billing screen and hit Get Answer to display all your unbilled time and expenses, then Invoice to start the batch billing process.

      3. Select Invoice or Pre-Bill, depending on your needs. The Pre-Bill option allows you to preview your invoices before you actually generate them.

      3. Select Process Invoices. When the Batch Billing process has concluded, you will see a blue link to a zip file containing all of your invoices!

      We encourage you to get comfortable with our blazingly fast Batch Billing feature. You’ll save time, bill more, and not have any headaches when it comes to invoices.

      Not currently using Rocket Matter? Click here to sign up for one of our online product demonstration webinars. Let our dedicated product specialists show you how you can use Rocket Matter to truly revolutionize the way you run your practice. We look forward to seeing you online soon!

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