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    Wednesday Wisdom: Adding and Editing the Information In Your Specific Custom Fields


      Now that you’ve set some or all of your desired custom fields, it’s time to edit them to contain the information you’d like. Luckily, Rocket Matter makes it easy to create and populate your custom fields.

      To begin entering your custom data into your matters or contacts (or both), simply follow these steps:

      1. Enter any matter or contact record. Your custom fields will be displayed globally on the bottom right-hand side of your matter dashboards and your contact records.

      2. Click on Edit Related Contacts and Data.

      3. From the edit relationships screen, you will be able to view, add, subtract or edit information with related contacts, data and labels. You will see your custom fields displayed under the Data heading.

      4. Enter your data in the appropriate fields and click OK to save.

      That’s all there is to it. Your customized fields will now display all the necessary data in the bottom-right corner of your matter dashboards and your contact records. Stay tuned for more great tips on categorizing and organizing your information in Rocket Matter!

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