Wednesday Wisdom: How to Create and Search For Task Specific Tags

by rocketmatter-admin July 31, 2013

Sure, you can search tags throughout Rocket Matter using the top global search bar, but did you know that you can also search for tags that are unique to specific tasks?
For example, if you want to access all of your priority tasks, you can simply add the priority tag to any pressing tasks, and then click it to see them all at once.
Here’s how you can create and search for task specific tags.
1. Click on Tasks in the navigation panel on the right side of the user dashboard. Your current tasks will automatically display (in Order Mode.)
WW Pic 1
2. To add a new tag, click the pencil on one of your tasks, enter the desired tag, and click on add.
3. Under Filter Mode, a list of your five most common tags will appear.  Click on one of these tags, and it will bring you to a page showing all of the tasks that include that particular tag.
Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 4.59.56 PM
Note that all of the tags will appear in the tasks themselves, not just the five most common ones.
Now say task tags five times fast.
For more information on managing tags, check out Rocket Matter’s Knowledge Base: Where do I find a list of all my tags in Rocket Matter? What is the easiest way to make changes to my tags?

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