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Run a More Efficient Practice with Law Firm Business Intelligence

Rocket Matter Premier's legal business intelligence features take high-end reporting to the next level. Receive actionable data you can rely on to help build a better practice.

rocket matter legal business intelligence

Understand Your Firm’s Performance with Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence

Rocket Matter law firm business intelligence

Populate reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface

Design your own queries with an easy-to-use interface. We’ve also provided a search bar to easily locate desired data sets to add to your reports.  

Analyze Your Firm’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Generate high-level reports based on matters, clients, contacts, activities, invoices, tags, and even custom fields. You can also run pre-configured Lean reports to find your Average Case Unit Value (ACUV) and Throughput Rate (TR).

Go Lean by Gaining Actionable Insight Into Your Core Business

Pulling specific KPIs may alert you to hidden bottlenecks in your workflows. The data may also reveal opportunities for you to improve your practice such as considering alternative fee arrangements or shortening cycle times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Business Intelligence allows lawyers to sift through data and information to make better decisions, find more opportunities, and drive up profits. It is imperative that law firms understand key performance indicators (KPIs) such as throughput rate, average case value, etc.

To better help predict your firm’s profitability, it’s a good idea to know the following metrics:

Average Case Unit Value (ACUV)- The average monetary value of all case units.

Throughput Rate (TR)- How many case units you can finish in a given year. If you finish 100 cases in a year, then your throughput rate is 100. Reducing cycle time increases throughput rate.

Cycle Time- The amount of time it takes to complete a matter from start to finish. “Start” means an engagement letter is signed, and you’re doing work for the client. “Finish” means money is collected, and the case is closed.

Our Business Intelligence Module is only available on our Premier tier. If you do not see the 'Business Intelligence' tab in the navigation panel, then your account does not have this tool enabled or you do not have administrative access. To enable this tool, please contact our support team at 888-432-1529 or email us at:

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Available only on Rocket Matter Premier.