Webinar Slides: The New Florida Bar Lawyer Advertising Rules

You’ve probably attended multiple “ethics and marketing” presentations, but as I discovered during Brian Tannebaum’s excellent webinar, they only scratch the surface. Brian lays out the purpose of the Florida Bar, then goes into detail about what will get you in trouble and what you can do on social media channels, blogs, and traditional media. […]

Feedly Tips For Your Blog

Now that Google Reader is a distant memory and Feedly stepped in without missing a beat, it’s time to rebuild your blog subscriptions by making it easy for readers to subscribe via their Feedly account. Here are a few tips. Add a Feedly Follow button to your blog If someone likes what they read on […]

4 Benefits From Journaling Your Work Life

For the past two years, I’ve kept a daily journal of my work life. The purpose was to see if capturing stories and related statistics could help me be more productive and effective at work. It has done that and a lot more. Let me say first that in journaling, the medium matters. Paper diaries […]

Webinar Slides: Writing, Editing and Grammar Tips for Lawyers

Here’s the much requested slide deck from the excellent webinar, A Down and Dirty Editing Course For Lawyers, by Gary Kinder. These tips are useful for lawyers, legal professionals, and really, anyone who writes. The webinar recording is available on Rocket Academy. Writing, Editing and Grammar Tips for Lawyers from Rocket Matter, LLC

Webinar: The New Florida Bar Lawyer Advertising Rules: A Discussion With Brian Tannebaum

The Florida Bar adopted new attorney advertising rules in 2013. The rules apply to websites and social networking and video sharing sites in addition to traditional media such as print, television and radio. Join us as guest speaker, Brian Tannebaum, discusses what this all means for Florida lawyers and law firms. When: Thursday, November 21, […]

Poll: Which Legal Conferences Are Your Favorites?

Do you end up going to the same one or two conferences year after year? The annual junkets are not inexpensive, so it reasons that you’d narrow your choices to a favorite few. Someone raised this question during a recent meeting and the answers were as varied as the participants. Take our poll and see […]

20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Commonly Used Characters and Symbols

The latest in our Keyboard Shortcuts series. Keyboard shortcuts let you access frequently used features with a keystroke, and with your fingers never leaving the keyboard to use the mouse on your computer, saving time and increasing productivity. Many applications have scores or hundreds of shortcuts, but who can remember them all? It can be […]