Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 84: Barriers of Technology Adoption in Law Firms

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port reflects on his recent webinar about why some legal software implementations are doomed to fail. Take a listen as he expounds upon some of the greatest barriers of technology adoption in law firms and what you can do to overcome them. Don’t […]

trust details

Wednesday Wisdom- Trust Details

Stay on top of your trust account with ease, right from your User Dashboard! The Trust Details page is easily accessible and outlines exactly what you need to know. Access trust details including client contributions, pending invoicing, and client remaining balances. Filter your results for open, closed, or completed matters, or export your results for […]


Wednesday Wisdom- Folders

With Rocket Matter’s powerful documents section, users can upload and download documents as needed. Easily create folders for optimal organization. Once folders are created, use the drop-down actions tab to move documents into the desired location. Here at Rocket Matter, we know how important it is to stay organized, and we know how to help. […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 83: Working Remotely for Extended Periods of Time

Looking to build the kind of practice where you have the luxury of working remotely for extended periods of time? Join us this week on the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast when host Larry Port breaks down what it takes to enjoy the perks of working remotely while maintaining a successful business ethic. It IS […]

business activity per user

Wednesday Wisdom- Billable Activity by User Report

The Billable Activity by User Report is a go-to report for our firms. This report shows what users have billed during a specified time period. The report includes a summary of the billing information and amount of time billed. Filter for additional options, show or hide columns, or choose to export the report. Rocket Matter: […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 82: Big Brother Technology

Hey, Alexa! On this week’s quickie episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, listen as host Larry Port dishes on Big Brother technology. If you use Alexa, Google, facial recognition, or have any smart devices in your home, you won’t want to miss this eye-opening episode!

removing bottlenecks

Reducing Cycle Time By Removing Bottlenecks

  Imagine you’re leading a troop of twelve scouts on a wilderness trip. Your responsibility is to make sure that the children make it from point A to point B on their hike without anything terrible happening to any of them (like getting eaten by a bear!) You quickly discover that it doesn’t matter how […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 81: David Buddingh and The Ethics of Texting Your Clients

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port welcomes special guest David Buddingh. David is the founder and president of Encrypted Information Exchange, LLC, a company that specializes in encrypted legal communications. Listen as David talks about lawyers’ ethical responsibility with client exchanges and explains what can be done to […]

donut factory

How a Law Firm is Like a Donut Shop

  This article is based on Episode 27 of the Lean Law Firm Podcast, where I discuss an analogy that my co-author Dave Maxfield and I use during our live event.   Have you been to a Duck Donuts?  It’s a little slice of heaven for those of you not on a carb-free diet.  And […]