Key to an Über-Productive + Happy Day? The Night Before and The Morning

Time is precious, and when you engage in your activities, whether work or other, productivity is increased and stress is reduced if you have the capatility of completely immersing yourself in whatever you’re doing. This state of happy productivity was termed “Flow” by a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihaly (pronounced “JONES”). Flow is “a state of […]

4 Books That Will Make You Go “Whoa” Like Keanu Reeves

Sometimes you wanna read and get effortlessly carried away. Othertimes you might want to get your mind blown by an incredible work of non-fiction. At least I do, and judging by the success of recent books by Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Levitt, the Freakonomics guy, I’m not alone in that regard.

Legal Practice Management Advice From The Dusty Corners Of My Closet

Mixed among my old copies of FPS: Football and Diablo, I came across a few notes on advice I was given during my time as a young lawyer. Stuff I used to jot down, specifically with the intention of someday looking back upon it. Now, with more than a few years of work under my belt, it was fun to see how some of these gems held up (or not) over time. Here’s a few to start – 2 not-so-good, 2 really good.

Why Dropbox Rocks For Law Offices

The following is an excerpt from a post originally appearing on The Mac Lawyer earlier this week entitled “Dropbox is Sweeping the World, So We Integrated Rocket Matter With It” Earlier this year at ABA Techshow, when talking to The Mac Lawyer and TechnoEsq (Finis Price) in the actual flesh, we asked, what, if any […]

The Wrath of Khan – Stantly Using Old-School Time Sheets

Recently, the folks over at Above the Law reported on a staff nastygram that was fired off by a BigLaw partner. Unfortunately, the caricature-like nature of the memo’s condescending tone (that simultaneously made it both humorous and blogworthy) overshadowed what is really an otherwise fair and important message. Marked for distribution to folks who probably […]

Dumpster Day: Document Management That Helps Your Lawyers

  We’ve been extolling the virtues of David Allen’s GTD® system for years, devoting an entire chapter to it in our e-book, Legal Productivity. However, one of the ingredients in the GTD system that we haven’t mentioned even once is Dumpster Day. Dumpster Day is exactly what you might suspect (unless you’re confusing it with […]

The Enormous Psychological Importance of Gratitude

On Thanksgiving, when you find yourself stuffing your face full of massive quantities of turkey, stuffing, and whatever other coma-inducing fare your family whips up for the holiday, consider this: you’re doing your mental state a big favor. As long as you appreciate your food, that is. The simple and natural act of expressing gratitude, […]