iPhoiled: (EYE-foild). Noun. The condition of not being able to slide one’s finger across one’s touch screen mobile device to answer an incoming call.

Beautiful Law Office Shingles From the Northeast

I recently returned from a trip to New York and Pennsylvania where I enjoyed walking around old, historic small towns with beautiful architecture and signage. I couldn’t help but snap some photos with my iPhone of gorgeous law office shingles. I’m going to keep adding to my collection on Flickr. If you’d like to have […]

SoloCorps Launches Video Testimonial Site For Small Firm Attorneys

Rocket Matter is the proud flagship sponsor of SoloCorps, an exciting new video testimonial project focusing on small and solo law firms.  Run by MyShingle icon Carolyn Elefant and the incredibly innovative Solosez and Twitter tour-de-force Lisa Solomon, SoloCorps is modeled after the StoryCorp project featured on National Public Radio. Lisa and Carolyn are currently […]

Cloud Computing for Legal Professionals: An Avvo Sponsored Webinar

What is cloud computing? What are the implications for lawyers? What tools can I use in the cloud for my law practice? These are all questions we dive deep into during this hour-long webinar recorded recently for Avvo, the online lawyer directory par excellence. Avvo also has an online video of this presentation on their […]

Starting a Law Practice using Mind Maps

One of the best ways to boost your legal productivity, aside from using dedicated legal productivity software, is to embrace mind maps. We keep revisiting mind maps in our posts because they’re one of the most powerful collaboration and brainstorming tools we use here at Rocket Matter for all aspects of our operations. Carolyn Elefant […]

Solo Law Firms + Video = SoloCorps

We’re very excited to see the announcement of SoloCorps, a video project documenting solo firm issues, from the creative solo practitioner advocate dream-team of Lisa Solomon and Carolyn Elefant! We too at Rocket Matter believe in video documenting the changing practice of law in the 21st century, so it’s exciting to see this vision shared by […]