Getting Things Done For Lawyers – Commencing GTD Legal Week

I come from the software industry, where David Allen’s Getting Things Done system of “stress-free productivity” is quite popular.  Software types are continually looking for that extra edge in efficiency. GTD related techie blogs such as LifeHacker and 43Folders evolved into major destinations for the productivity obsessed. As we first started studying law offices when creating Rocket Matter, […]

The Mac Lawyer: Pros and Cons of Web-Based Software for Attorneys

Ben Stevens, The Mac Lawyer, is a Rocket Matter user. As such he uses web-based legal software on a daily basis.  Today on his blog Ben wrote a great piece entitled “Pros & Cons of Web-Based Software for Attorneys“, where he discusses Rocket Matter, GMail, and Evernote. From his post, I’ll list the pros!  But […]

Newegg and the giant paper packing snake

Yesterday I received a package from Newegg, which I’ve always found exceptional due to their low prices and excellent customer service. The package contained my new Scansnap 300M and some blank DVDs. Keeping them all in place were not peanuts, bubble wrap, or air pockets, but an enormously long coiled sheet of recycled paper. I […]

Advantage #63 of using a Legal SaaS Product: Go Green

So you’ve instituted a firm recycling policy, you’re moving to paperless, and instituted some energy saving policies with your lights, computers, and monitors. Want to reduce your toll on the environment even more?  Consider a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for your firm’s business needs. SaaS solutions are designed so that many companies are […]

Advantage #57 of using a Legal SaaS Product: Minimizing Downtime

What happens if your entire life is on your laptop and your machine needs a repair?  Or worse yet, the laptop dies.  Or even beyond your wildest fears, your computer with all of your sensitive client information gets lost or stolen? Recently I heard of a solo attorney requiring several days of repair work on an all-important […]

Legal Business Development Through Writing

 Operating out of South Florida, we often receive thought leaders visiting their parents. Such was the case yesterday, when I had the pleasure of meeting with Ari Kaplan, legal technology writer, speaker, and consultant. I had a great talk with Ari, learning about his book “The Opportunity Maker” and his business philosophies. We conversed at […]

Using Twitter to build Dialog for Business and Celebrities

We’ve been enjoying the use of Twitter to put a personal and humorous touch to our business. If you’ve been following us, you’ll see our product announcements, ruminations on Software as a Service and cloud computing, as well as discussions about blanket-related infomercials. The New York Times today featured an article about business and celebrity […]