Understanding CIA Hacking and What it Means for You

Earlier this week Wikileaks released “Vault 7”, a massive trove of information about CIA hacking activities, raising fears about Big Brother surveillance programs and sending computer security experts in search of antacid medication. Here are the most important takeaways: One: The CIA Did Not Break Encryption. Encryption algorithms are highly mathematical complexities involving very large […]

International Womens Day

International Women's Day 2017: Five Female Lawyers Who are Making a Big Difference

Today is International Women’s Day, a day we not only celebrate the many achievements of women but also focus on taking action to increase gender equality. This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange and people around the globe are honoring the day and trying to make a positive change for women in various ways. For instance, according to an article in Time, women from […]

oscars design

From the Oscars to Your Law Firm's Marketing: A Lesson in Design

Even if you didn’t watch the 89th Academy Awards show this past Sunday night, you’ve no doubt seen and/or heard about the “Best Picture Fiasco.” You know, the one where Warren Beatty looked like a deer in headlights while Faye Dunaway enthusiastically called out the wrong movie? Yeah that. Based on what we know of the […]

American Bar Association

American Bar Association's Midyear Meeting: A Critical Take-Home Message to Lawyers

Sure, February in Florida sounds like the place for a perfect winter getaway. However, it was also the locale of some pretty serious business this year. During the American Bar Association’s midyear meeting in Miami earlier this month, the organization’s President Linda Klein urged lawyers to take a stand. She specifically told the ABA’s House of Delegates, “Let me […]

Are Dogs Family or Furniture? A Legal Perspective

Ask anyone who has a dog if they consider their pet family, and you’ll most likely get a resounding “Yes!” I, for one, certainly feel that way about my dogs, Baxter and Brody. My kids think of them like brothers, and I’m not embarrassed to admit that my husband and I refer to ourselves as their […]

Neil Gorsuch

SCOTUS Nomination Part Two: Neil Gorsuch

Donald Trump announced yesterday his nomination for the United States Supreme Court: Judge Neil Gorsuch. So, who is this man that has suddenly become a household name? Gorsuch, 49, is currently a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit Court in Colorado, his home state. According to a White House press release, “Judge Gorsuch is a […]

immigration ban

Who Are the Heroes Fighting Trump's Immigration Ban? Lawyers.

Before I started Rocket Matter, I didn’t really know the first thing about lawyers. I’m a software engineer, and I only started a legal tech company because my lawyer friends were complaining about their terrible software options.  With only slight exaggeration, I can say my only exposure to the legal profession was unflattering jokes and LA […]

Adapt or Die: The Report on the State of the Legal Market in 2017

You know that when Charles Darwin appears in an introduction of an industry status report that times aren’t great. “As an analogy for the challenge faced by law firms in today’s radically changed market environment,” write the authors of The Report on the State of the Legal Market in 2017, “the survival of the most adaptable […]

Jeff Sessions

Sessions Confirmation Hearing: Law School Professors Take a Stand

Embed from Getty Images   The hearings to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General are well under way. However, the question remains whether or not the Senate Judiciary Committee will take into consideration the opinion of law school professors from around the country. Earlier this month, more than 1400 faculty members from 180 different law schools […]