App of the Week: Venmo – The Fun and Easy Way to Make Payments

No, it’s not Paypal. It’s better. Venmo makes transferring payments and dealing with bank transactions actually kind of fun by introducing hints of social media. Venmo links to your bank account or a debit card for free (takes 3% for credit card) and to your Facebook account so you can easily pay friends, coworkers, family […]

App of the Week: oneSafe Password Manager – Secure Your Logins, Documents and Pictures

The best – and most secure – way to manage your myriad logins is to use a password manager. Fortunately, there are a few good options to choose from. We’ve talked about 1Password and Dashlane. There’s also the popular LastPass. (the premium model is subscription based.) Another great option, is oneSafe, the most affordable of […]

App of the Week: SignEasy – Sign Documents On the Go

In my haste to go paperless a few years ago, I proudly got rid of my printer. Shortly after, my action seemed more foolish than proud: I missed it. Though not enough to get a new one. Sure, printing movie passes and airline tickets would be nice, but that’s easily solved by sending tickets to […]

App of the Week: Brewster – An Address Book To Organize Your Social Contacts

The idea of Brewster might not be completely original, but its design and functionality separates it from any other address book application. There’s a simple brilliance about the way Brewster organizes your contacts. Assuming you allow it access to your phone and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts, it will take their pictures and organize them […]

App of the Week: Audio Memos – A Better Voice Recorder

Let’s face it, if you plan on using a voice recorder app, the built-in Voice Memos app on your iPhone is not ideal. It lacks any features besides record and play, and playback quality is often less than desirable . Enter: Audio Memos. Not only does it produce a rich sound quality, but Audio Memos […]

App of the Week: Voice Dream Reader – Listen to Text

“You know what? I can’t do this. I can’t read books anymore; books on tape have ruined me, Jerry.” – George Costanza Seinfeld fans will easily recognize George’s quote. It’s from an episode two decades ago. And he had to engineer a failed eye test to qualify for “books on tape.” Now we have services […]