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Net Neutrality: What’s at Stake? (Webinar)

Over one million net neutrality comments have been filed with the Federal Communications Commission on the proposal that would allow cable companies to charge content providers extra fees to deliver faster service. This webinar will begin by framing the history of the net neutrality debate. It will then explore the current proposed rules and the […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Creating A Document Template

Rocket Matter’s document template feature works with Microsoft Word, using merge fields to populate client and matter data into a document automatically. The beauty of this feature is that firms only have to create one template for documents used over and over again, and within seconds, client information will be populated. Creating a template is […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Bill For Phone Calls With Rocket Matter Notes

Rocket Matter’s Bill As You Work™ feature allows attorneys to capture time throughout the application. In the case of the document management features, you can capture time from uploaded files, Dropbox, Evernote, or Box files, merged documents and lastly notes. The notes tool is a perfect place to time a phone call, while jotting down […]

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30 Minutes to a Killer Landing Page (Webinar)

Learn how law firms can more effectively engage with prospective clients through the use of intelligently designed landing pages. When: Thursday, June 5, 2014 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EDT Speakers: Mike Miceli & Tim Baran, Rocket Matter Click here to register! A dedicated landing page is not just any page on a website. It […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Add Free Users For Contract Attorneys

Often times firms will have contract attorneys that require billable time added in their name, but do not need user access to Rocket Matter. We understand this process and because of that, Rocket Matter allows for “inactive” users that are free and can be billed for. To add these users, navigate to the ‘Manage Users’ […]