Wednesday Wisdom: LEDES Billing With Rocket Matter

Whether you’re billing an insurance company or just need to share an invoice electronically, LEDES1998 billing with Rocket Matter allows you to process invoices efficiently and accurately. Below are the steps that are needed to start billing in LEDES1998 format. 1) Click ‘Admin’ on the main navigation panel. 2) Click ‘Enable LEDES 1998B’ located under ‘Settings.’ […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Use Rocket Matter Law Firm Portal to Share Invoices

Throughout the past year we have discussed the many benefits of enabling the Rocket Matter portal but a hidden gem that many aren’t aware of, is the ability to automatically share every invoice that is created for a matter. This feature not only allows you to invoice your clients without walking to the mailbox but it’s also […]

Wednesday Wisdom: How to Integrate Rocket Matter With Microsoft Outlook

With Rocket Matter’s newest integration with Microsoft Outlook, users now have the ability to sync Outlook emails to Rocket Matter and bill for them as well. The integration is available with the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook and works with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 for Windows 7, and Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 for Windows 8. […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Utilizing Multiple Invoice Templates

Do you require multiple invoices to accommodate different clients? Do the payment terms for your domestic clients differ from your international clients? With Rocket Matter, you can upload multiple invoice templates and make a simple switch before processing invoices. You don’t have to go back and forth to upload your templates! All you’d have to do […]

Rocket Matter Outlook Integration

Effortless E-Mail Organization For Your Matters with Outlook Integration

Leading cloud law firm management software connects to Outlook on the desktop for streamlined matter management and time capture. August 7, 2014 – Boca Raton, FL. Rocket Matter, the premier total law firm management software in the cloud, today announces email integration with desktop-based Outlook in their recent “USS Enterprise” release. The plugin installs locally […]

law firm future

The Future of Small Law Firms

Article by Larry Port, Rocket Matter founder and CEO, in ILTA’s Peer to Peer Magazine, Summer 2014: Law2020 Future Horizons Let’s get one thing straight: I’m an online-eyeglass-ordering, hybrid-driving, Internet-CEO hipster. I will be the first in line for a driverless car. And, as someone who has worked with thousands of small law firms, I […]

Beautiful New Law Firm Website Launch: Kurylo & Gold, PLC

Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services is proud to unveil another client website, Kurylo & Gold, PLC, a Virginia divorce law firm that provides legal representation in family law, criminal defense, traffic, DUI/DWI, and estate planning matters. The Website   Instead of completely re-envisioning Kurylo & Gold’s website, we decided to build upon their old one. […]

Wednesday Wisdom: How to Edit Law Firm Information On Invoice Templates

As firms grow and evolve, their information is likely to change. Rocket Matter makes it easy to edit and update an invoice template with new letterhead information. First, download the invoice template in the Admin section of Rocket Matter by clicking on ‘Custom Invoice Template’ and then ‘Download Template’. A Microsoft Word document will automatically […]