Legal Research Tools

Top Legal Research Browser Extensions, Plugins, and Add-Ons

As a former law firm librarian during the days when cite checking meant ruffling through maroon-colored hardbound books, today’s legal research options seem revolutionary. Lawyers, librarians, and paralegals no longer have to sit at dedicated Westlaw and Lexis terminals. They simply open a browser on their computer or whatever device is handy, and begin typing. […]

law firm client service teams

Law Firm Client Service: Building Your A-Team

Excellent client service should be at the core of what law firms do. It’s what clients, in an increasingly competitive legal services market, have come to expect and demand. It’s how all “business development” conversations should start. Consider your clients as partners. Listen to them. Learn everything about them. Learn from them. This extends to […]

paperless law office

The Paperless Law Office Checklist (Infographic)

Moving to a paperless law office will save your firm money, time and space but what do you need to get started? We’ve compiled a checklist of essential systems, tools, and best practices to help you transition to, and maintain a paperless law office. Establishing a paperless law office requires motivation, habit-forming processes, systems, and […]

law firm client service

How to Use Lean Metrics to Measure and Deliver Exceptional Law Firm Client Service

You may have heard of the popular business improvement methodology known simply as the Lean Approach. Many businesses are adopting part or all of the powerful strategies to reduce waste and increase output. What you may not have realized, is that one of the core concepts of the lean approach is to maximize the value customers receive. […]

9 Uncommon Ways to Motivate Teams at Your Law Firm

Besides the usual individual motivations like fair compensation, mentoring, opportunities for self improvement, setting clear goals, and positive reinforcement, here are some not-so-obvious, but proven ways, to motivate teams at your firm. 1. Have daily stand-ups – Choose a time of day for the team to meet–both in-person and online for remote workers–where each member […]

law firm vs in-house

Law Firms vs. In-House Counsel In a Changing Legal Environment

I appreciate data-driven reporting as much as the next guy, but hearing from the trenches, from the people who are actually doing the work, who are experiencing and adjusting to changes in the legal profession, is meaningful in ways that analyzing raw numbers only doesn’t always provide. Such was the case at Bloomberg’s inaugural Big Law Business […]

A Guide to Starting Your Own Law Firm

Whether you’re fresh out of law school or thinking of leaving a large firm, the thought of starting your own law firm may seem daunting. Here’s a brief outline that will make branching out on your own a little easier. Business Plan Don’t start your law firm without a business plan. The plan outlines the […]